Thursday, February 26, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences and being a MOM

There are times when I just don't want to work anymore. When I just want to either go back to school or just be at home with my kids. Today was one of those days. We had fun this morning, it wasn't a hurry up morning we played, we ate, we hung out and then we went to school.

I just got home from work. It was a crazy day as the school cancelled my clubs without me knowing (they weren't suppose to be, but hey they are the school). Then my leaders weren't informed in time and came to teach and there were no kids.  Then I sat for 2 hours at Parent Teacher Conference tallying up how much money I have spent this year for the Program and realized I wasn't as frugal as I thought.

BUT I came to realize that parent teacher conferences are a JOKE! The only people that come are the kids that are really struggling or those that are over achieving and want to gloat. I seen moms dressed to the T, checking themselves out in a mirror we have by the office. You would think they thought they were gonna pick up a mate. I saw parents acting like they were the age of their students and dressed that way too. Kids were all over the place. People had to bring their children which is understandable as we are all busy. I did see a handful of people that were just there to get in, get out, and do what they could for their kids. 

HOWEVER: with a program called Power School and the handy dandy internet and the world wide web a parent can check their kids grades and such everyday. They can email teachers and admins and see what is going on. They can see what is missing, what the test scores are and if there are any notes from the teachers and so forth. Most teachers hate this day, would rather be home with their families and such. So I think today I vow to never ever go to PTC unless I really have to. It is 4 hours long and at 2 I was tired I feel for those teachers now and again say I will NEVER be a TEACHER!

On to better stuff..
I came home from work, emptied Jos school bag and found this cute little paper. It is a hand drawn pic of JO with with 3 lil kids and a rainbow over them. It says "when I grow up I want to be a mom."

I thought "well that is good she still wants to be a mom even though at times I am a crappy one." This is her and her kids, apparently she is gonna have 3.

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Jen said...

That picture is absolutely precious!!