Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tonight JO and I threw a baby shower for a friend/coworker, while Jim went to a UHA meeting and Ryker to grandma Innes'. We had appetizers and dessert. It was good. I got to try out some new recipes and new baby decoration ideas. This is her first baby and I am so excited to babysit and play with her! The shower was lots of fun, not many people could come but it was still fun. I prefer smaller crowds so you can actually keep a conversation going and such and my house is small so it all worked out. Lauren and Kolby Van Wagoner will welcome little Elisabeth soon and I was honored to be a part of that celebration.

I GOT RELEASED!!! I had my last day on Sunday as Primary Chorister :( I was sad to tell the kids goodbye. It was ward conference so the Stake was there kind of scary but I pushed on. I had to teach "How Firm a Foundation" to both ages. It was a hard song to teach but with some cool object lessons, visual aids, and review we managed to get through the first verse. I am sad to leave this calling. I LOVE primary! Learning the basics of the gospel is soo important to me and the songs of the church do it well. I love to sing and teach kids to be enthusiastic about singing I hope to return someday.

*I get to teach for the first time this Sunday in YW. I am excited, yet scared I was make it a huge stresser. I hate teaching but I KNOW that is where I am suppose to be so BRING IT!

I just have been working a lot lately just getting my program started. My principal said something nice today. I joked about a certain situation that has turned a few people against me and that if I transfered to another school not to be surprised. HE said " I will shut the program down, you are the best! I have principles call and ask about this program and I tell them if they hire good they will have the best and won't even feel it (meaning having to deal with the program)" That was very nice of him to say. I do love my job and I guess when you love what you do, it shows!

Ryker knows all but 2 of his CAPITAL letters! We love it! He says.. A B Corkny C (thats for Aunt Cortney) D Dan E F G Grandma H Grandpa Herbert I Grandpa Innes J JO K L M N O P Q R Ryker S T U V W X (sex) Y Z for Zip. WE tried to teach him A for apple, B C D for Dog but the name game worked better. He is one SMART cookie.

He also sings " I Love to See the Temple" "I am a Child of God" and several songs for his nursery class. He also sings happy birthday like this..
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday To you, Happy Birthday YOU YOU YOU then he blows out his candles.. whoo whoo and then says.. yum yum yum yum cake!" So funny. Much cuter in person I will see if I can get him to do it on tape.

JO is progressing good in school not kissing the boys and not walking home. Things are good! She is one crazy enthusiastic girl. We are glad her speech is getting better and she is amazing us everyday. She thinks that NOW she is 5 she HAS to go to kindergarten TODAY!

Funny story about JO.
The other day we were coming home in the car. Jo said her tummy hurt. I told her it's probably got one big swedish fish in it and that she needed to go potty. It ended there.. I thought.. a few minutes later she said "mom guess what? when you toot a little it makes your tummy not hurt!" I said "yeah good for you, where did you learn that?" She replies, "I just made it up!" AHH love the kids!

Jim has been busy with work, church callings, and being an awesome dad and hubby. He has been very helpful with my work, the house chores and entertaining the kids while I work. He has spent countless hours sorting Lego Robotic kits for my 4-H clubs. There are over 300 parts in each kit and they were all mixed up. It took over 60 something hours to get them all done. It has been our nightly thing, turn on Netflix, watch SliDERs and sort away all night. Thanks Babe luv ya! He deserves a vacation or at least a date night!

Story about JIM
He went flying on Sat finally good enough weather. He was flying a new heli that he has been reviewing for the magazine he writes for. He already knew it would have some problems just by building it but in mid air the blades just flew off, and his heli came crashing into the ground. Luckily know one was hurt and the snow padded the fall, which in turn pads the pocket $ wise.

WE hope you are all doing good and all is well!
Make it a great day and even a better year!


Lyndi said...

Aiden said the same thing. He thought his last day of preschool was on his birthday and was quite disappointed when he learned it was still going to be a while before he got to go to kindergarten.

Bonnie said...

I like your new background:) Sounds like you all are doing great. Good to hear all the cute stories about your kids.

Jessica & Bryce said...

Leslie, I heard the shower was adoreable. Sorry I couldnt make it but Im glad to hear it was a success. :)

Angela said...

Those are funny stories! We got to hang out with Ryker last night, he is so grown up! He was talking up a storm. We hope to hang out with you guys soon, it has been too long:)

Kimi Jensen said...

You and your family are so cute. Love the Stories!