Wednesday, February 4, 2009


JO's Birthday was a CRAZY but FUN day!  It started off with lots of  baking, and prep.  I am so grateful that I had Shelby here to help me out. She was awesome helping with anything and everything. She even helped run some of the games and stuff while I was prepping lunch.

Some Highlights.

**My first Barbie Cake! 
The skirt was baked with 1.5 cake mixes and on 270 degrees for 2 hours in an 8qt batter bowl. Needless to say the cake was barely done baking 10 mins before the party was to begin and I was stressed.  I had to quick cool it (freezer and Fridge yeah for modern appliance) I had to quickly frost it and then the barbie was too tall.  AHHHHHH I was warned about this but had forgot to bake the other 1/2 of the batter in a 8" pan. I made cupcakes for an emergency instead. 
Well after Jim carefully removed the legs the barbie was placed and QUICKLY frosted in a warm cake. I was crossing my fingers she would not melt. NOW ... I know how to frost cakes but sadly this one was done poorly due to the LACK of time. Jo loved it though and that is what matters right?

Don't Let Lydia Get You! AKA keep the balloon in the air ~Jo wouldn't play as Lydia is the MEAN lady in the movie Barbie and the Diamond Castle.
Find the Diamond Castle AKA treasure hunt~this is how they got the favor bags and they loved running around the house to find the clues!
Diamond in the Bucket toss ~ran by Shelby this was a time filler while I glued flowers 
THANKS SHELBEY for all your help!

Made our own diamond castle stone heart necklaces.. love the baking clay! SO fun can't wait to make something else! The girls decorated them with buttons, jewels, brads...

Made our own flower hair clips it was fun easy and great to add to their favor bags.

Heart shaped PB &J Sandwiches,
Apples and Oranges
Chocolate Pretzels
Chocolate Pudding 
Pink Punch with heart ice cubes!
The girls had fun putting pudding all over their faces and then posing for pics. They were all really cute and polite girls. WE had no fights, tantrums, and everyone was included what more could you ask for with  8 girls all in the same room at the same time. All in all it was a good party worth the stress and time to see JO smiling all day long.
JO got some great stuff for her birthday. I have to say thanks to everyone for all she got. She is really spoiled. She has more barbies then I think alot of 5 yr old. She is up to 14 barbies, 1 ken, 3 kellys, 1 baby, 4 dogs, a lot of pet shops that she uses for pets, lots of cool furniture to go in her awesome new house Grandpa and ma Herbert built her, a pool, a dr set, and more! ANYONE wanna play BARBIES! 

JIM... well he was a great sport to spend time doing stuff for me and my mom his whole day. After my work party that night, we went to Toys R US! Jim is such a kid. I left him for a minute and came back to a cart full of transformers! He got 2 really awesome transformers to play with. It amazes me the skill it takes to transform some of them.

His birthday celebration is just been postponed. It's a busy week and so we are gonna go to dinner @ Tucanos and have a real date for his birthday after he gets his Scouting Klondike over this weekend.

I just have to say....
I am so glad I have these 2 people + Ryker, in my life. They are so special to me! I can't imagine life without them. As this world gets more unstable and wicked I have to say family is what matters and that face that I get to be with mine forever brings me so much joy and peace. I have really come to focus and rely on this concept and blessing. It gives me the strength and hope to go on living my everyday life. I love my family.. each and every one!


jonesb said...

Sounds like a really fun party! I am glad she enjoyed it:) Happy Birthday Jo

Lyndi said...

Wow, what a party. Looks like she had a blast.

Marisa Jean said...

I had a barbie birthday cake when I was 12 and I loved it! Yours turned out so cute!

Misty said...

Great job on the cake. Looks like fun...the party, not making the cake!