Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday JIM

Thirty-two years ago today, 02-02-77, my man Jim, the love of my life, my main squeeze, my eternal companion, my partner in crime... was born in Provo, Utah to sweet, innocent, and humble parents Jo and Jim.

I am soo thankful that I became best friends with his sister in high school. (only because I liked her friend Garit, :(  ) but...WOW little did I know how great she was, what other great friends I would have b/c of her and what an impact she would make on my life. We became and are the best of friends and now it is soo much fun to have her as my sis inlaw. PLUS we only got in 1 big fight in high school, I think that would be a record for some people. hehe: )

After going to college down in Cedar City at SUU for 2 years I decided it was time to come home and get ready to serve an LDS mission. In the summer Angela Innes (his sister), Mary Braithwaite, Mandi Evans and I all moved out together and what an adventure it was! :) Jim, who I had met at another siblings wedding in April  lived close and soon became our Mr Fix It! He came over all the time to help us out with silly things and to "hang out." Finally one day Angela told him just to ask me out already. Well we went out, 1 month later we were engaged, 4 months later married, and the rest is history and obviously I didn't go on a mission, but thats for the future!

I had a hard time falling in love, giving up the thoughts of going on a mission but I knew it was meant to me. Why put off the inevitable? I learned then that when you try to plan out the game of Life, the Lord can throw in a few curve balls and if you just hang on tight you will enjoy the ride.

Jimmy works so hard for me and my kids to have what we want and need and we are so grateful. He puts up with all my crap, does my honey dos and tries to keep a smile on his face all at the same time. With his calling at church, working 2 jobs, being a dad and hubby to me life can get pretty hectic and stressful. He is good to just "go along for the ride" and try to find something funny to laugh about. He has a great sense of humor. He is an over- achiever in all he does which makes him a favorite of a lot of people, including me. There are so many traits I would like to have that he has. I love that he tries to befriend all and doesn't like contention. He doesn't "have to be right!" He doesn't have to fit in, keep up with the Jones, stoop to a low level and is just a good guy to be around.  AND he always makes us feel special.

One of the MANY things I really admire in Jim is that he is just a great big kid. He knows how to have a good time. He loves toys, surprises, and puts lots of "extras" into the grocery cart hehe! On gift giving holidays he has to have at least one toy among all the useful and functional stuff and it's fun to watch him get excited and play all day with it.

His favorite things to do, besides spending time with me... ;) is fly his remote control helicopters, watch movies, build new helicopters, be with family and friends, BS with his heli buddies, travel, transform and un-transform his 30+ transformers, build legos or k'nex sets with JO, build puzzles, go to "helicopter fun flys" and play with his kids.  (I am sure there is more but it's 3AM)

He is a great dad and our kids just love him, even though "mom" is the favorite at times, dad is MUCH more fun ALL time. Dad takes time out of his day to play while mom works on the computer all day. (I am working on this) JIMMY loves his kids and it shows. 

When his birthday comes around  he always has to share it either with Jo or the SuperBowl which he loves but still it's fun to have just your day. Even today, he is sharing his day with Jos friend BARBIE princess party and this evening a work party of mine. What a good sport promise we will make it up to you babe! 

Happy 32nd Birthday Babe!! We Luv You! 


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday:)

Marissa said...

How fun to learn how you guys met and what a great tribute to your man.
Happy Birthday Jim!

Angela said...

Happy Bday JImmy! I am so glad you two found eachother, and I am proud I have a little to do with it:) We love you.

Ross said...

Happy birthday Jimmy... Make it a good day, and a better year!

Rachelle said...

Hey Leslie!

Thanks for the comment on my blog -- that I just barely found today! It was so good to go to you blog and read a little about your life. Such cute kids! What a great story about how you met. Since I haven't talked to you in probably 8 years I had no idea about any of that. Hope to talk to you again soon!


Lyndi said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Jessica & Bryce said...

Hey Leslie,
Its been a while, I didnt know you had a blog, you have such a cute little family. How have you been?

Marisa Jean said...

I honestly didn't know the history of you two. How fun to learn! Jim is such a great guy. Leslie, you really lucked out! You two are perfect for each other. Happy 32nd, Jim!

Kari said...

Jim is a few months younger then me. I had no idea we were the same age! Happy birthday!

Maran said...

Happy belated birthday, Jim! I hope it was a great day for you!