Saturday, January 31, 2009



5 Years ago today I had my lil' Jo Lee Innes. She weighed 7 lbs and was 21 inches long (all though we feel that was off as she was 22.5 when we brought her home) and she had no hair.
In delivery I was so doped on drugs. It was great and just a beautiful thing to feel no pain. After being crowned for along time waiting for my doc to come, he came in surprised and joking that I wouldn't be coming in for that stress test in a few days. I laughed and out she came. It was a great time!  However I was also soo doped up that I didn't realize that she wasn't crying when she arrived which  meant she wasn't breathing. Jo had the cord wrapped around her neck and body soo tight that the doctor couldn't even get his finger under it to cut it so he had to just snip it and hope he didn't get her skin. ANYWAY.. Thanks goodness to the UVRMC NICU  team they work hard and soon out cute lil JO was crying and screaming and still is today! :)

Funny Story About Jo

I was playing "Barbies" with Jo the other night. It was a fun time! I was the boy and she the girl. Her girl also had 2 sisters, a baby sister and a mom. Well as time went on the mom got sick and died. I asked Jo how this could happen.

She came up with this.. "well I told her to take her medicine, and she said that she didn't need to because she was feeling better, but I told her she had to take it all gone or she would get sick again and she wouldn't so she died and NOW I am the boss!" CHUCKLE .. :)

We talked about how this wasn't nice but it was kinda funny!!  She is having a hard time realizing and being told she is not the boss. She is smart lil cookie and says well then when I am older I will be the boss!" 

* What she likes to do right now. Play barbies. ponies, read book, play her Wii princess game, watch too much TV, teach Ryker his letters, numbers and build legos with her daddy! 

She has one creative imagination! We love to hear her playing barbies, reading a story, singing a song, creating with Play-Doh, drawing and so forth.

She is super tall for her age but it growing in  all ways more and more each day. We love her and we'll keep her..... most days! Happy 5th Birthday Princess JO!





Marissa said...

Happy Birthday Jo!
She is such a doll, but I am sure you already knew that. :)

Kerri said...

What cute pictures! Jo is such a sweet little girl!

Lyndi said...

Happy Birthday Jo!

Angela said...

We love you Jo! Happy birthday:)

Amber and Matt said...

Happy Birthday Jo! I can't believe it has already been five years!