Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hey what's goin on?

Warning!.....BEFORE YOU BEGIN Please know this is a VERY LONG POST....I am not trying to write a novel but this IS MY journal  so don't say I didn't warn you!

Well, the snow is melting (some), the tree is down, extended family has gone home and Jim is back to work... this must mean Christmas break is over and soon I will be back to work too. :(

What a GREAT Christmas break we had. We had some good times with family and friends staying up till wee hours of the night playing games, talking and just being together. Here is some of the things we got to do in December and already this year!

I got to go to Jo's school Christmas party. It was so neat to see her interacting with the kids and being polite. The kids decorated sugar cookies, played pin the carrot nose on Frosty and ring-toss. They made candy cane reindeer (well the at least put their antlers on) and colored some pictures. It was a good time! Then we all went to the gym to sing songs with the school. Jo was soo excited because Santa came and he stayed ALONG time. He talked about bullying and how it wasn't nice. He also talked about doing things for others to make others feel good. JO loved him as you may remember she missed seeing Santa on that great and horrible day so I was glad she got to see him.

We wanted to show our kids that Christmas wasn't all about them- so we picked an angel of the UCCU tree. It was neat to see how excited Jo was to pick things that a little boy named Ricardo wanted and needed. Next year she wants to pick a boy AND a girl... or at least a girl. HEHE! I can only imagine what she wants to buy... yeah you guessed it BARBIES and ponies!

Jim and I had a great time at the Neil Diamond Concert on the 19th. We went to the Red Iguana a delicious Mexican place before, It was sooo good really you have to go there! The weather was awful but it was still soo much fun! The warm food hit the spot!

Because we read out tickets wrong we ended up at the ESC 2 hours early. We decided to stroll the gateway and that led to light show at the Hansen Planetarium. We got to have our own private showing about the stars, black holes, and all sorts of cool stuff... and YES Jim walked out wanting a new toy, a telescope.... oh they are only $300+... he always chooses the $$$ hobbies!! He is such a big kid I LOVE IT!
The concert was good times. WE both love Neil and "Forever in Blue Jeans" is our song. Neil puts on a great show and the crowd was wild. I was really tired and it was hot so I must say I didn't jam out as I usually do... but it was still awesome and now checked off my "dream concerts" list. On to Bette Midler $$$$...someday.

We decorated gingerbread houses while Ryker went to sleep. It was funny because Jo wanted to copy everything her dad or I did on our houses. It was fun times and we just used stuff around the house and year old candy.
Jims work party was at GOODWOOD another great restaurant. It was on the night of our "lucky day" so it was hard for me to keep my composure but I managed. His work parties are fun because of all the different co workers he has. There were some great conversations!!

Of course we had to take some family pictures. Do you think we have changed much from last year. It's ALWAYS a hard thing to do but we all matched one Sunday and so we went for it.


Christmas shopping is always fun to me. We made some homemade gifts this year but a most were purchased do to lack of time, weather and extremely hot deals. We love AMAZON!!!
Shelby our cousin slept over Christmas Eve EVE and the next day helped us immensely to get ready for the big day. She played with the kids, helped JO paint snowman kits, helped JO clean her room and so forth. WE love the Humes girls!!

Christmas Eve a party at mom Herberts house. Always good family, food and fun!!! Then on to the Innes' to watch Mr. Magoo and sing along. This is a tradition that at first I thought... OK.. wierd... but now to see the whole family get together and belt out the songs is just so much fun! I can't imagine Christmas Eve without it and JO is STILL singing the songs. :)

After the kids were all snuggled asleep in bed Jim and I were up till 3 wrapping and getting ready. It was so fun to see all the stuff however we ended up saving some for birthdays, kids just don't need all that stuff! Next year we vow to have everything done the week before!

CHRISTMAS morning of course was very memorable! Jo and Ryker were sooo excited to open their gifts however they didn't wake up till 9 WAHOO! As a child this was normal to me as mom and dad wouldn't let us go get them till about that time too. WE also have to take turns which made Christmas morning really last. We always had friends calling while we were still unwrapping.

Jo and Ryker were very good about taking turns. JO was sweet enough to make sure mom and dad got a turn too. We have caught on tape their excitement but have yet to get a movie to upload to this blog. It's soo fun to watch them together we just laugh!

*Jo reminds me of me soo much, as a child, I was loud obnoxious and way tooo excited for Christmas too but oh it was fun!

After exchanging gifts at GMa Herberts we headed to the Innes' for the a gift exchange and the traditional LASAGNA dinner! SOO Delicious! IT was fun, we had some extended family there making about 30 people but it was fun. I know some of you are thinking Lasagna what? Yeah I thought that too when I married into the family but we are Italian and that is what mom always did. It is really a nice change and it's all homemade and sooo good! Thanks MOM and Aunt Donna!
What a day!!! We are so thankful for everything that we received and all the memories!

A few days later we went to Goshen to have Christmas with Grandma Grandpa Herbert, Great to Jo and Ryker and Aunt Dana. Dana was ill but came out just to see us, so sweet of her. It is so fun to be in their house. They have some really really old toys that the kids, including JIM, like to play with. It was fun to see them just play and talk.
The gifts were creative, blankets, cookbooks with my Aunt Dana being published in, decorate your own mug, and homemade crayons. The crayons shaped as semi-trucks were my favorite for the kids, so inventive.

Jo is so sweet, she insists that her Great Grandpa look at her crazy tater head. He (being blind since my dad was 13) does and she smiles. She is so innocent. We had some great times and it was good to be with them. They are getting old, and their health isn't the best, so I am so grateful my kids have them around.

On the 30th we went to the helicopter field with Jim. It was fun to see the kids riding bikes. JO was trying out her new bike that her DAD got her for Christmas. It was a nice warm day.

New Years the night we spent at the Innes' playing games and stuffing our faces. It was great times! They get so into games and puzzles that is a crazy competition! :) Ross said his news years resolution was to "win the game" heheeh soo silly!

I also stopped by a friend party with Ang. It was good to see some old highschool friends. WE played some fun games and just hung out. WE have to do it again sometime!

News Year Day GPa and Gma Innes took the kids ice skating. I hurt my wrist during a new crazy workout Jim and I started and Jim can't iceskate so we just hung out and it was a good time relaxing and enjoying each others company. We got some projects done, work done and I took a nap.

Then that night back to GMa Innes for a turkey dinner, and more Settlers of Catan, the new favorite game, some Guitar Hero Battling on the Wii, and some pictionary. Good times! This was the last night we were able to be with Matt, Amber and Ana and Rich, Crystal and Baby D. We have an awesome family and it was great to be with them.. here is to summer!!

01-02-09.. Happy Anniversary to US!!! 6 years and more in LOVE than ever. My parents took the kids that night so we could go out. We went to Bedtime Stories, Tepanyaki, Walmart and home. It was a nice night THANKS MOM AND DAD!!! Then the next day we tried to go to the temple but Provo was closed and Timp was packed!! I tell you it's like WWIII to get to the temple for us as maybe some of you.
Wedding Day 01-02-03 Honeymoon in Hawaii!!

What a holiday break.. and it was just that!

Some real highlights**

*Jim and I started the p90X workout! It's crazy hard but fun! We started putting the kids down at 9 ish so we could work out. Its an hour workout everynight, lots of different kids, kenpo, yoga, lifting, plyometrics AKA jumping.. it's been fun we are on day 30! I hurt my wrist but it's getting better. The only prob with working out night is we are too awake to go to bed thus many nights have been up past 3.. silly us!

*Ryker shoved a jelly belly up his nose.. Pretty Funny! Jim was a little worried, I was just laughing. We pinched it out and all is well but wow that was funny.

Ryker tried to vacuume Jos hair with our swivvel sweeper, we got most of it out but here is along piece that didn't make it.

*SNOW.. Jo and Jim built a snowman out front. They had a good time. WE put a Pearl Jam hat on it from a concert I went to in highschool. WELL a few days later someone knocked his head off and stole the hat... oh the nerve! Silly Kids!

*I got called to YW in my ward. I am the Mia Maids Advisor which is the 14-15 year olds a really hard age. I think it will be great however if you recall Jim is also in YM. Soo.. what to do with the kids on mutual night? Yeah I know.. so I asked the bishopric before excepting the call.. he said we talked about this and family comes first. If you can't make it then oh well. That was reassuring.

*I got a new calling.... but... haven't been released from the Primary Choirster so I am still doing it. I love this calling and am sad to go, especially bc I love the songs this year. However.. it will be good to move on and get reacquainted with other women in the ward.

*** Now since I started this post much has happened at home and work.

Jim and I had 2 friends pass on last week, both young and in their prime. The funerals were very sweet and gave some closure and it makes us VERY grateful for the Plan of Salvation and eternal families. 

The Innes G'Prnts were so good to take the kids sledding while we went to pay our respect to Jon.

I held bunco at my house. It was a great time!!! I had good food, cheesy veggies soup, bake a potato bar, salad, wheat rolls and cupcakes and ice cream for dessert! Thanks to Jim... fixing my prize mistake at the last minute, the prizes were good too all baking theme. My mom got 7 natural buncos that is awesome if you've never played this dice chance game.
What a way to start off another year of bunco with a great group!!!

My mom Joy celebrated her 54th birthday. It was a good time yummy prime rib dinner, cooked by DAD soo yummy, gifts, Wii cards and more! We love you Mom!

We have enjoyed some time in the snow sledding, building snow caves and more!

Now as I head back to work, I am sad to not be home all day with the kids. I have got so much more done, been able to keep on top of my house and cook dinner.  However I love my job! I am excited to get my 4-H Program running again and for the short daily 3-4 hour break. 

Over this long vacation I have managed to organize my scrapbook paper and room and the kids closets some, decorate my house some, makes some decorations for the house, play lots of Candyland with the kids, clean my carpets.. well Jim did that, Thanks honey I love you! lots of junk but exercised to burn it off, do some puzzles  and play Wii with the kids, go on a few dates with Jim and have had ALOT of family time. It's been sooo great!


Angela said...

The holidays were great-I am not sure if I ever will get around to blogging them at this point! So are you a digital scrapper now? It looks like it:)

Kerri said...

That was quite the post! But so much fun to read. I love how you and Jim are so close to your families. Robert's family always had lasagne on Christmas Eve. So that doesn't sound weird to me. And we love to play Settlers of Catan. We should get together and play some time!

Bonnie said...

Wow, what a holiday break:) I am glad you had a good one and I am sad to hear about the passing of your friends.

Jody said...

Good grief that was a long post. My anniversary is January 2nd too! We forgot it this year and realized it about a week later.

Marissa said...

It sounds like a very fun and well spent holiday.
The first concert Blu took me to 9 years ago was Neil Diamond. We love him!
And it is my sister that lives in Goshen...they have the best Easter Egg hunts out there. So much candy and not a lot of competition. :)

Annaca said...

Sounds like a bang-up time, Les! Hey I want to see pics of your pX90 bods!! Have you been faithful to the workouts, can you see the difference, would you recommend it?? You're awesome :)