Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

What a great time Jim and I had last night! We were invited to a progressive Valentine dinner put on by several people in our ward. It was soo FUN!! The food was awesome and soo filling!

Progressive Dinner: Take a 7 course meal and eat different parts at different houses. The moving thing is probably because you eat sooooo much food that you need to let the food settle and make more room for the next course. 

What's on the menu????

First: Appetizers - Salsa, Chips, Cheese Crackers, BBQ Boneless Chicken Wings and Italian Soda

Then: Soup - Cheesy Bacon Potato, 
Salads - Two Awesome Green Salads one with lots of veggies and one with spinach, sugar roasted almonds, mandarin oranges w/ homemade dressings
Homemade Rolls and Bread and Jam.
Pallet Cleanser- Lime Sherbet

Last: Main Course Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes n Gravy, Green Beans
Pallet Cleanser: Fruit Cup

Dessert: Strawberry Mousse


Mix this AWESOME meal, GREAT people, FUN games,GOOD conversation, and a FEW quirky moments and chalk it up for an incredible evening!!!!!

We had such a good time!!! All the people that worked soo hard to put it together we thank you! The little things weren't unrecognized promise THANKS!!!

*It was so fun. Jim took on the new art of  "pen flying" ask him about it. 

*We were in charge of making the fruit cup and the green beans. I have never cooked frozen long green beans in my life so that was a first and they were good.

*I also learned how to make killer Italian sodas THANKS KaRI!

*As we visited the 3 homes I took away with me some great new decor ideas and of course great friends.Text Color I learned what a charger really was, how to make some really cute centerpieces. and more!

*Jo and Ryker are at the Herbert household having a sleepover! I am sure they are loading up on gummi bears, licorice, sour patch kids, moms cookies, Oreos, skittles from the gumball machine, and any other sugar filled sweet thing they can talk grandma and pa into! WE are so thankful to have great family around who love, support and help us in anyway they can!

I just have to say how much I love my family... each and everyone of them but you already know this. I usually am not a huge valentines fan, it's too commercialized nowadays. However I look back and realize all the Valentines days that I can remember, it was all about good friends and family!

** When I was little, I can't remember how old, Cupid made a visit to our house. He or She doorbell ditched and left some really cool Harts sports bottles and candy on our porch. It was such a neat thing and made us feel soo special we were the only ones in the neighborhood that he/she visited!

***Valentines Dances in HS were always fun. They were girls choice and we always had great big groups. It was fun to be surrounded by awesome friends all the time.

IN college I belong to a group... SAVD.. Students Against Valentines Day!  As roomies I can't remember what we did, but I am sure we did something that was crazy, loud, G Rated and fun!. Mom also sent me money and/or cards they ALWAYS make me feel special.

*****Jim and I's first valentines 02-14-03. We had no money but remember Jim is such a romantic and a kid. He insisted on doing something special.  He brought me home beautiful flowers and he booked a reservation at The Tepanyaki Japanese Steakhouse and it was soooo good. It was the most tender steak and chicken I have ever had and we have been back several times. We did something else after but we don't remember and of course.... we CHARGED it ALL! Doing what we do best eh?

******2nd V-Day Jo was only about 2 weeks old. We went to dinner the night before and Mamma Innes watched Jo at our house. It was nice of her however I had eggs that morning and didn't know that JO was allergic to them so she was up walking and bouncing her the whole 2 hours :(. It was the first time we had left her though. On the actual love day...the thing I remember is Jim bringing her home this sweet cute lil pink bear and we dressed her up in this cute lil heart outfit and took pics with her. It was a sweet lil night!

Well isn't that sad :(. I only remember those V day but I know they were ALL great and I LOVE my friends and family!

Make it GREAT no matter what day you celebrate!


Marissa said...

It was so much fun, I just wish we could have stayed longer.
I have always loved V-day no matter how commercialized.

Marisa Jean said...

I haven't been on a progressive dinner since I was in young womens, which feels like eons ago.

Kind of fun to read about all the different valentines activities that have taken place. I think Valentines Day is great just because it symbolizes love--something that's hard to focus on nowdays.

Angela said...

the best part of v-day is conversation hearts:)

Kari said...

It was really fun! I had a blast! You HAVE TO TELL ME how to make those beans. Even though I was about to throw up because I was so full, I really liked the entire main course a lot. I didn't know who made the beans! Thanks for tell me, they were just how I liked them!

Donna said...

What alot of fun. Your in laws and Dave and I went to TGIF for Valentines, a nice break from the hard work we had been doing for 2 1/2 days. We enjoyed each others company. I had forgotten about progressive dinners. I think that would be a fun idea for our young single's ward. Also, I would love the recipe for the green beans. I haven't found a good one yet. Thanks.

Jody said...

I got the pattern for the skirts at They have a lot of patterns for twirl skirts. This one is the patch work twirl skirt. Good Luck

brooke allred said...

Glad you had a good Valentines Day. I remember when Lane started his SAVED campaign in high school. I never joined, what could be a better holiday than one you get to celebrate the love we have for life and each other. I am happy it looks like you are embracing the holiday. Isn't it fun? I bet your kids loved it too!