Friday, February 20, 2009

just some pics

Here are just some pics I just ran across. Since I kind of handicapped my camera point n shoot. I don't get to capture those great moments all the time now. I have broke all 5 cameras we have had since we were married, and thats only 6 years! :(

These pics are random of all random. 
Even though we got Ryker some McQueen underwear he will only wear them on his head and JO is happy to join in.
He is not interested in potty training what so ever and... has to choose what diaper we put on, meaning the design on the diaper. He is ALSO worried about what he wears already and sometimes has knockdown drag out fits over his clothes... AHHHH He is worse than JO. 
They are both just growing up so fast. Jo is in size 6 for clothes and Ryker in size 5T crazy tall and skinny kids we have here in the Innes Gang.

JO loves to build lego castles and has to pose by them for a pic. This is one of many.
Here is a pic of JO at the baby shower the other day. She is entertaining a little 2 yr old named Logan that came to the shower.
Ryker wanted dad to sleep with him while watching his favorite show of all time Max and Ruby from Nick Jr. Too bad we don't have cable so it's a DVD and sadly we almost have it memorized. Who do thinks was pretending to be asleep better? :)

Ryker loves umbrellas and the color pink! :P


Melissa said...

Your kids are so cute! how old are they?
And what is your job?HAPPYKAI12

Marisa Jean said...

I love the underwear on the head. Very stylish.