Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Funday!

SuNdaYs are such Crazy Days for us, but usually always worth the craziness! 

They are suppose to be a day of rest but to us they are usually just Go Go Go. We have church meetings, lessons to plan, actual church, dinner with family in Lehi, card or board games, great food and more! 
Now the day may not be so crazy if church didn't start at 2pm but we all have to take our turn at late church. :)  I like late church, being able to sleep in, not having to wake up kids, having the chance to actually do JOs hair up cute and even getting a bite of real food in is nice. 
However getting out at 5PM and having to come home hurry and change, get to Lehi for dinner and then 3-4 hours later coming home again makes 2PM a time I don't like for church. Lots of parents in the ward are on the same page with me as it's usually nap time, the kids are tired and onory which make the parents tired and onory. Add in a fast and that is even harder!

Sundays are funny days in our house. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother going to sacrament as I feel like I am entertaining and reprimanding kids at all times.. BUT I go because it's important to set a good example for my kids and I am commanded to. 

I loved church today! Besides the minor fact that I felt like my head was going to explode. The kids were pretty good. The testimonies born of the Savior, the reality of living and not living the gospel, ones that professed great gratitude for the BIG family that we as church members can be a part of... these were all very inspiring to me. In Young Womens we talked about the divine roles of women and I was touched.

Today I woke up with a massive sinus infection and a little later than normal. I had a great day yesterday with my friends in the ward at an all day Sit n Chat and Finish that. We talked and worked on projects from about 2 till 11. It was sooo fun! Because of the late hour that I arrived home I just left all my crap by the front door. BIG NO NO

Nothing make me more irritated and onory, short with my kids and Jim, and stressed is when the house is a mess. I started feeling like I hate Sundays,  I want a bigger house, I even didn't want to go to church.

Soon I realized that I needed to just calm down. As I did things started to fall in place. We didn't have to fight Ryker or Jo over what to wear, hair got done, my outfit went good together, we got to eat, and all of us were ready for church in time to get a bench. 

Now getting a bench is important to me because I have bad hearing and the loudness is in the back where the overflow goes into a gym with wood floors so there is an echo too make it harder to hear and kids love to test it. :) (even mine)  PLUS today my head felt like it was going to explode so I wanted to be close. If we get a bench then it sort of traps Ryker in and he can play on the ground, or lay down,... if he wants. He is still a bit loud but my kids are just loud, like me. Jim and I sat and the kids were really good, they colored, played with toys, ate some fruit snacks and for the most part were really good. I actually got something out of the meeting for once and it was pleasant!!!

My one friend calls this stage the hall stage, because often you are out in the hall walking or disciplining kids when you are at church. We didn't have to do the hall or foyer thing today and it was great!

I don't know why I blogged about this? Maybe it will help some moms know that they are not alone if they too are in the hall stage. Maybe to make me realize a clean house won't get me to heaven, but keeping the commandments and being a good example to my kids can, or just maybe to remind me when I am having a hard time to take it easy and know that "this too shall come to pass,"and to "come what may and love it." 

Have a GREAT week!


Marissa said...

Well said. Sacrament was great and the spirit was wonderful. I was shocked I got something out of it too since Kiley wasn't there to help me with my kids. :)
It is so true that even during the 'hall stage' we are blessed by our obedience to follow the commandments and to be examples to our little ones.
"Come what may and love it"!

nate and marne said...

wow leslie, nicely put. i find myself obsessing and stressing about having the floor swept, and the clothes and toys put away. sometimes nathan just has to remind me to chill out and let the kids be kids. it's hard for me, cuz my stress level multiplies by how messy the house is!! but it is good to get a reminder every now and then, and just let life happen. we are here to be happy, not to lose our minds trying to do everything perfectly. thanks for the reminder. i needed that today.

Kerri said...

I loved the testimonies born yesterday too! I was more touched than I have been for a long time. We are blessed to have the gospel in our lives! When Gehrig and Emma were little and I was in the hall stage with them I used to tell myself that even though I didn't get much out of lessons there were blessings from just being in the building and that is true! You are such a wonderful person! I'm glad you are my friend!

Jen said...

I loved this post! I'm in the hall phase as well and often wonder what the heck I'm even doing there, especially with a meeting time of 2-5! ACK! Hate it, but I don't hate the spirit that is there and the example it sets for our children. You said it perfectly!

I just realized I missed the ALL day Sit n Chat! I'm totally bummed! It TOTALLY spaced it! :( Sounds like you all had a blast!