Friday, March 27, 2009

Egg-xtra Excitement!

Tis Time for a Post!!!

The ever changing Utah Spring weather has brought a bit of sickness to our home. :( We have had runny noses, allergies, sinus infections and more but all is well. We have been trying to enjoy the sunny weather by playing outside, and with picnics at the park.

We are in the 6th week of clubs at school which in turn means my job will shortly come to an end. This will be the first summer that I will not work with 4-H. I am excited, scared, happy and sad all at the same time.  Sad to not being able to work with my students doing the job I love. Scared for the lack of cash and a tighter budget we will have to live on. Happy to be home spending time with my family. I don't have to go anywhere if I don't want to. And excited to do some house and crafty projects that I just don't have time to do!  AND  This summer comes some fun adventures! Girls Camp, Lehi Round Up, Jims Scout Camp, Lava Hot Springs, Lake Mead, Youth Conference and The Trasmundi Reuion in San Diego!!! 

If I stick to my couponing and shopping at Buy Low Market for my produce things will be ok! I know if we pay our tithing and limit our extras we will be fine. 
LOOK at all this awesome produce I got for only $36.00!!!

 Speaking of Excitement!
After being at UVU for almost 8 years Jim finally got his own office. It is very VERY small but he is still very VERY grateful to have a place of his own. Yeah for feeling special!

More EGG-citement!!!

One of the classes I took at LEADERMETE, the very fun work conference I went to in Brigham City, was egg dying. I got to die eggs with onion skins, tape, rubber bands, oil, & wash cloths! 
We have been trying to do FHE everyweek.  We are following the new nursery manuel and adapting it to our family. It is working great! 

A few weeks ago we talked about how we have a spirit and a body and how here on earth they are together. We made spoon puppets with a spoon being the spirit and then we added the clothes or body. JO had a BLAST playing with these! She even played with them the next day.

The other night we had a messy house. We decided to clean the house! Later that night Jo reminded us that we didn't have a "good" Family Night we "needed to talk." SO Jim  being as AWESOME as he is then related our cleaning the house to the gospel. He did an excellent job! We talked about how we want our houses to be clean like temples and churched and how everyone is more happy when their houses are clean. I CAN't ARGUE WITH THAT! We then told her that we want our house to be ready for Jesus to come at anytime.. that got her excited! 

Then we had to have an activity, JO said we had to. We got out the doodle pros and had
Drawing time! It was a fun event. We drew pictures of all sorts anywhere from the Characters on the CARS movie (of course) to Jo's masterpiece of our little eternal family. 
NOTICE the girls are wearing crowns and check out that LONG hair! 

!!!COOTIES!!! A new game for the kids we have been saving for a rainy day came to life this last week!  JO and Ryker have been enjoying playing with their "bugs." Jim built a stage for them and they put on a show tonight it was cute!


Jen said...

I totally forgot about the game cooties! How fun! I'm totally gonna have to go and get that game for Kya. She'll love it! I can't believe you got all that produce! That is AWESOME!! Seriously! I'm excited to try this new coupon thing and hope I'm smart enough to do some good with it ;). Thanks for showing me the ropes. You're the best! Oh and those dyed eggs are adorable!!

Lindsey said...

You guys are good parents :) So I played coodies! Fun game, I might just have to get it.

Nut's and Boltz said...

Hey cute girl soo good to hear from you. I Love that you are a coupon girl, I love to bargain shop. So I live in Gilbert, AZ I love it hear, but I'm getting really home sick. We haven't been home since Oct. I still do hair on the side just out of my home, and no I haven't tried the trashy ties. Natalia would never sit still long enuf. Anyways all talk to you later.

JAMIE said...

Tell me more about Buy Low. Is all produce good, or just advertised specials?

Marisa Jean said...

I need to start shopping where you do. Man--good deals!

Lauren Van Wagoner said...

I love the Buy Low! They have great deals on their meat, too!