Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our staycation

We didn't get to go to St George for our annual April Fools Fun Fly because everything just kept going wrong and we just weren't meant to go.  Maybe next year?  JO was very, very sad, she was looking forward to seeing Sadie and Bizzy and swimming at the hotel pool. PLUS we were bringing along 2 cousins too. 

We decided to do a little "staycation" here with the kids. On Friday we ventured over to Cabellas to look at the animals, fish, play a round in the shooting gallery, and eat some lunch. The kids enjoyed feeding the fish and Ryker wanted to get into an old truck that was a target in the shooting gallery or the plane that was hanging from the ceiling near the restaurant... SO funny! He just loves anything with wheels, skids, and/or wings!

RYKER Went from this to this in about 10 mins!

This reflection at the top of the aquarium was funny because JO said.. "Look mom that fish is swimming upside down!"

We enjoyed a very expensive lunch but it was good. I had my first bison burger and it was delicious! We also got some really good fudge from the county store in Cabellas it was sooooo good. With all the choices to choose from like orange, mint, raspberry, toffee, and so forth I went with "Heavenly Hash" which tasted like a snickers bar and Jim ... well he picked CHOCOLATE. I thought that was so funny b/c of all the choices he had. It was delicious and I have decided to make it a tradition to have yummy fudge while watching conference.

We then ventured over to the new Lehi Smiths! WOW what a store and with 2 kids exceptionally tired what an experience.. Yup won't be doing that again any time soon.

Saturday we enjoyed a day of being inspired, loved, uplifted and edified by our prophet, apostles, and many other general authorities. The kids were pretty good during it we had lots to color and of course SUGAR to eat. 

On Sunday it was time for more conference. When Jo learned we didn't have to go to church too.. She started singing and dancing around her room..."yeah no church! Weahoo no boring church." After laughing at her and then trying to "talk her into" liking church, the afternoon session started. I kept thing.. oh dear my 5 year old doesn't want to go to church? I can only imagine what the future holds??? :\

Conference was wonderful, most of the talks really hit home. Why does it always make me soo tired though I always feel exhausted after? I asked Jim he said something like well you are staring at a guy in a dark suit for hours, sitting on a couch, wrestling kids to stay quiet,... I thought. I then asked a friend why it was so hard to stay awake and she said... maybe because it is so spiritually exhausting... for the good. I can't agree more! 

Anyway.. so we had dinner at the Innes'. It was great to see the family and we enjoyed our first for many BBQs of the year! Thanks Ma and Pa it was great!

Monday we decided to extend out staycation with a day out for the kids. We went to the Mall and played on the playground, then to lunch at Goodwood, that is always rough for Ryker as he can't sit still, and then to the park. It was a pleasant and well spent afternoon.


Lauren Van Wagoner said...

Cabellas? I wonder how it would be to spend every Saturday of my life there while my husband asks people the same questions over and over again. For some reason he needs every persons opinion. They do have good food there though!

Jen said...

SO FUN! I love the fish swimming upside down comment! Too funny! And the chocolate flavored fudge? How dare he? ;) I have yet to go to that Smith's, but my hubby says it's huge. NOTE TO SELF: don't drag the kids along. . . got it :)

Marisa Jean said...

I've never heard the word "Staycation." How interesting. Looks like the one you had here was fun--and even though it was close to home, it's nice to be sleeping in your own bed. That burger looks heavenly! :)