Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hatching Chicks, Sleeping in Cupboards, and a New Heli Field!!!

Well it's already almost May!!

This means I am almost done with 4-H for the summer! This is a good and bad thing. I love my job but I also love to have a break every once in a while... :) Don't WE All?

So not much has been going on in our family lately. Jims Heli Club has been working on their new county field. He is very stoked about having a insured place to fly when he wants, without having to worry about buildings, soccer players, and the new field is in Lehi!

Here are some pics of the field. They are ripping out lots of trees and putting down asphalt soon.

I have been invited on a Sit N Chat retreat. I will be spending today, tomorrow and part of Saturday in a nice modern home in Heber with some great friends from the ward.  Most of the these great women I get toether with every Thursday night for our weekly get a break night. WE have some good times! I am soo excited to get some projects done and to sit n chat with all of them and eat lots of great food. CALORIES DON'T COUNT THIS WEEKEND!!

We have all been victims of the dramatic weather changes lately, therefore we have all had our bouts of the cold, sinus' infections, and coughs. WE LOVE LIVING IN UTAH!!! 
Hey I guess it could be the SWINE flu right?

Here are just some funny pics of the kids recently. Next week, Sat Ryker is turning 3. I can't believe my baby is almost THREE!! Crazy!!

"All Tuckered Out!"

Ryker is really into climbing in my bathroom cupboard and pretending to sleep. We EVEN have to sing the night time singing routine starts with "I am A Child of God" then "I love to see the Temple" then "The Wheels on the Bus" and then "Pokey Bear." It's soo cute he sings along to and has to make sure  we do all the actions for the action songs..

A few days after Easter I purchased these Hatch your Own Chick Eggs. JO liked to watch them throughout the "hatching" phase. It was fun!


Bonnie said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the hatch'em eggs too. That is so cool;)

Jen said...

I wish I was at the retreat! Have tons of fun for me and eat tons of delicious food! You guys are gonna have a blast!

I love the hatch a chick egg. We got something similar for Kya for christmas in her stocking, but hers had a dinosaur inside. She LOVED watching the egg slowly crack and break open and the dinosaur to grow!

nate and marne said...

oh, i am totally jealous! i had a blast at the retreat when i went, like 3 years ago! how nuts is that, that is has been so long? it was so fun though, have a blast for me!!

Maran said...

Those little chicks are so cute! I bet Hannah would love that. Congrats on getting a break. I'm sure that will be extremely nice.

Lauren Van Wagoner said...

I can't believe how big Ryker is getting!