Thursday, May 7, 2009


What have I been up too.. 
The retreat was a good time last week and much needed as I had a busy work week ahead.

I have been working out on my air climber 30 mins a day and then working out on the wii fit running, boxing, stepping, hula hooping, catching fish :).... to make an hour or 1.5. a day.  At the retreat I tried to run outside for the first time, well let's just say, I was hacking up flem all day and night after that and sounded like I was a smoker... but it was still a good run.

The retreat was sooo fun! We relaxed, ate lots of, good and not so good for you, food ... scrap-booked, sewed, watched movies, talked and just had an awesome time. I am sooooooo grateful Jim took time off work and let me go!!! HAPPY MOMS DAY TO ME!!!

I am also soooo thankful for those that took all the time in arranging it! We stayed at a beautiful modern home in Heber that had all the amenities you needed for a stay away.

Work has been busy as the end of the year is near. School gets out in 22 days that is just NUTS!! then on to a fun filled exciting summer!!!!

Here are some pics of my 4-H kids involved in an awesome service project. We made tiaras, wands and bookmarks for the kids in the children's unit at our local IHC hospital UVRMC. It was fun to see what creative and not so creative kids I have. 

Then on to PARENT NIGHT...tonight was it! I am officially done with work, I still have red tape to do and some cleaning up but I am done teaching, babysitting, and entertaining middle school kids. DO I seem too happy? YEah..No not really I LOVE My JOB but 'tis time for a break.

Parent Night was a great time!! We had a share fair, volleyball game, and then performance time. My slideshows worked this time, we stayed on schedule, I had good food and the crowd seemed to be pleased.

I just love my job. I know I say it so much but you gotta love a job that when a leader unannounced gets up and puts you in the spotlight, starts crying and says how much she loves and appreciates you.

You got to love a job for when your principal pulls you in his office for a 1 on 1 talk just to express his sincere apology that he couldn't make it to support you tonight. 

You got to love a job that has students who bring sweet lil gifts for you to say goodbye for summer!

You got to love a job that only has me away from my kids from 2:30-5,  4 days a week and the rest is done at home.

I love my job because I love to give these kids opportunities that they would not have elsewhere and what a smile it brings to their faces!

I am so grateful for a job that I love. Life is just too short to do something your despise or hate everyday.. THat is why being a mom is soo great too!!! 

I am so glad I have a very supportive hubby who knows when work (both of them) gets stressful to just take over the home front and let me be!!!! I love you Jim.


Rusty and Jessica Terry said...

thats what I need is a retreat!

Marissa said...

What a great job you have! Sounds a lot like what I do and I love it too. :)

Lauren Van Wagoner said...

Your service project looked so cute! I'm glad your parent night went well. It feels good to get done doesn't it?

Jen said...

Those wands are adorable!! And you are doing awesome on the exercise!!!

Marisa Jean said...

Looks like fun! And I'm proud of you for sticking with the exercising. Way to go, Leslie!