Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jumping for Joy!! Long Post & pics to come

Our weekend started off with my trying to coax Jim into going to a 90 min presentation about a travel company to get a free trip. Well he looked up the reviews and many people had said the taxes and fees you were to pay were really high, and they were there for 3 hours!! So needless to say with that not starting till 7:45PM in SLC we decided to not go we had better things to do with 3 hours of free time. Of course on Monday I got a phone call wondering why I hadn't gone. I told them why, they weren't happy, told me I was "misinformed" and was missing out! YADA YADA YADA

SOo..... Jim and I planned a date to the temple instead but first we had to go do something for for Rykers bday.

WE kept JO home from school, hey she is only in pre school I can do that right? We went to Kangaroo Zoo. It is a place in Lindon with tons of HUGE inflatable slides, jumpers, obstacle courses and more!!! We stayed for about 2 hours and had a good time. Jo made some cute friends and I have to say I enjoyed myself a little too much. Ryker well he got little tired, and hungry and I have to admit it was more fun for JO and I. :) I felt guilty because they don't charge parents for watching, I didn't say I was going to watch, but anyway... I took a few turns on the big slides with my kids! We can't wait to go back or maybe I can't :)

I even got Ryker to let me keep his faux hawk. He hated it and kept saying "make it down, make it down!" but I just changed the subject hehehehe.

After we jumped bumped and slid we asked Ryker what he wanted for lunch. He said "chicken" so we went to the Wingshack in AF. It was soo good and Ryker ate it up. We had terriyaki and mild wings. Ryker loved the terriyaki and fries. JO .. not so much.. 

*Funny thing about Ryker he loves hot stuff we took him to Wingers awhile back and he insisting on trying the wings so we let him. Now JO at this age cried and fanned her mouth, "Hot HOt HOT".. she would say.. RYKER noooo... he loved them. "MORE MORE MORE" he would say!!!

After lunch JO insisted I get back to her school in time to pick up here mothers day present so we shot back to 5 mins before the bell rang got the stuff and got out of there before traffic. WAHOO!!! JO gave me a cute little card and a flower she had planted in a plantable? cup. It's a MARIGOLD  and I can't wait to plant it in a pot!

A- Are


So my dad was already in Orem about 5ish so he came and go the kids and Jim and I were off to the temple. WE had a great time. WE did sealings for the dead. What a great experience it was to help the dead receive the crowning ordinance, to be with their spouses and some family forever. Oh how I LOVE this gospel! I can't imagine not being able to live with my family for eternity.

We then headed to Costco to get some much needed stuff for the holidays ahead. After our purchases we indulged in the GROSSEST crappiest but CHEAPESt meal ever. WE had the polish sausage and drink combo for 1.5o and a chocolate yogurt. HAVE you ever eaten something too disgusting that later you thought, that was soo not worth the calories, guilt, crap it put in my body even if it was cheap? Well there you have it! It was that gross... NEVER again!

SATURDAY WOW A VERY busy day it was. 
I got Ryker up! He is 3!! Wow I said Happy Birthday to him and he said

*"No I am SOO BIG...Firetruck?"

I got up early, made breakfast, baked a cake, made home made cards, prepped lettuce for a Sunday salad, got Ryker ready (Jo stayed at Gmas), headed to the store to get more stuff, then off to to a BBQ at the heli field for Jims club only 40 mins late. That is why we give me dessert heheh I am ALWAYS running late. We ate food. I had a good time visiting with other wives and kids. Then we tried to sing to Ryker but he was like WHAT? we ate his awesome huge 2lb COSTCO cup cakes or "dumpcakes" as Ryker called them :) and hung out.

Jims good friend Mike was so sweet and got Ryker a "Shake N Go" Tow Mater for his birthday. HE LOVED IT!!! He wouldn't put it down. We are so thankful to have Mike and his family in our lives. He is a good guy that would just give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. He even gave a heli away to a kid expecting payment within and few month, hasn't received payment and still is nice to him. His wife GAVE me her smaller Cricut just because she got the bigger one! So sweet!

Ok so on to the surprise that JO had to tell Ryker about earlier in the week, a real life firetruck. Jims other flying buddy Ryan is a Orem city Fire Captain and he arranged for the red fire truck to come. Ryker didn't know what to think at first. He was scared and kept telling the guys to "go back to work." He would not even get in, try on gear, hold the water hose, nothing. He wouldn't let me get in "NOOOOO it's his fire truck and they go back to work" he would say. Well for 30 mins while the fireman ate some food we tried to get him in to take a ride at least. Jim finally put his mater in there and told him he was going for a ride and wasn't scared. Then we were off we had a great time and Ryker still says "I got tooo wide in a FIWE TRUCK and it was soooo pun, the man put on the wights and the whooo whooo!" Well worth the coaxing!!!

Then I ran to get JO at a birthday party in AF,  picked up Jim and we were off to Goshen, 45mins south, for a Ryker/Mothers Day Celebration. My family had gone earlier in the day to do some service and stuff but I had prior engagements and wasn't able to attend :( I was there in spirit though..So we had a dinner BBQ, don't worry I brought steaks to the Heli club one because I knew we would be having burgers and dogs!! and it was tasty all of it. While the burgers were cooking I hurried and slapped and I mean SLAPPED Rykers cake together. It wasn't as cute as I had planned but it worked. 

When it came to time to blow out candles, he made Jim do it. He doesn't like fire I guess,,,, only fire trucks :). We are sooo grateful for everyone who shared this day with us, for the presents, and fun times. We had Cort and Dan, Dig N Stacee, Mom n DAD Herbert, and my Herbert Grandparents and Aunt Dana who was soo gracious to give JO a small gift because she was sad.

IT was good times especially when my sister Cortney got chased by a turkey.

On to the moms day presents you see I have been working on this book for my mom for about 1.5 months now. It has been a lot of work!!! I did it through Shutterfly and was extremely impressed.  I wanted to do more digital scrapbooking for the pages but I had a deadline to meet. 

All the hours and late nights and stressing all paid off! Seeing my moms face as she opened it and as she went through commenting was such a great moment! I love you MOM what a legacy you will leave.  

"Funny Note"
*So when I made this book I had "All because two people fell in love" on the title page with a pic of mom and dad. Well unbeknownst to me the "love" got cut off  and so it said "all because two people fell in..." While funny and even hilarious with some people wanting me to keep it I had to add a LOVE rhinestone sticker.  Thats just the perfectionist in me!

*I also gave my new nephew Macade William Herbert who is just 9 months old the name Macade Blair Herbert... oops! At least it's the same person right? heheh William Blair Herbert is my grandpa who I love and adore, but it was funny Sorry Stacee AGAIN

The next day was Church. Jim was great to give me a nice breakfast in bed, let me sleep in as he always does on Sundays :) and some cute cards. We then had to roll with it to get ready for church. I gave a lesson about covenants and ordinances and thought it went really well. Sometimes I feel like the girls are soo bored just sitting there even if I get them to talk or they think I am such a scatter brain because I OVER prepare and then can't remember where I found this quote, or lose my place.

After church we took a few pics, and flew to the Innes' house. There we had a lasagna dinner with all the fixins, colored, vegged opened gifts and hung out. Then we headed up to my moms to say hi and bye.. 

WHAT A WEEKEND EH? Whats Up for the NEXT? 


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Ryker! That is so awesome that he got to see a real fire truck.

I'm glad you had a good Mothers day too:)

Kari said...

Wow, you were busy!!! No wonder you are never home on Saturdays! I can't believe Ryker is three. Lauren was afraid of her candles too. Kids are so funny. Can you believe they are afraid of fire??? Must be a natural instinct.

Lauren Van Wagoner said...

That's so cute with Ryker and the fire truck! That's so cool that he got to ride in the fire truck. I hope he had a fun birthday!

Jen said...

What a crazy busy weekend for you!! Thank you for switching lesson days. Funny thing is, it probably would've been better for both of us if I hadn't done that as I was SUPER busy this past weekend when I had to teach. Oh well. LOL! Thanks again! That is SO cool a real life firetruck came for Ryker's b-day! what a lucky little boy!