Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ryker and Joisms.

Ryker is growin up here is some things I want to remember about him.

Ryker is in to saying lately.. "_insert name here_, you are in twouble, you go to time out NOooooooooW!"  or "go back to bed now" or he told his dad to go back to work now today SAT. :)

He is getting quite fiesty. He also today was looking at Target ad and was saying this to the boy in the add who had his cars and "wouldn't give em back" now how do you explain to a 2.5 year old that the boy in the picture is just that picture...:)

He also says "good job" when you do something cute and it is soo cute

He is growing up so fast. He will be 3 in May. He wears size 5 and is so smart. I am just latching on and suck all this in right now as he is my baby. HE does cute things like after he gets out of the tub, he wants "UP" and then he wants to sleep on my shoulder or have me lay with him on his bed for a second.. Ahhh so sweet! Definitely helps with my baby hunger lately. That sounds wierd like I want to eat a baby Why do we say that then? Ewww...

Yesterday I asked him for a kiss and he said "yes" and proceeded to give me a kiss. Then I gave Jim a kiss and big hug and Ryker said "MOm I want a hug, a big hug I wuv it!" It was to die for. That is his new phrase as of last night. WE were at the store and he would say I want this.. we would say no not today and he would say "but I WUv it"

JO today said something sad but understandable

This morning she said "Mom I have decided I don't want to be a mom anymore when I grow up." My heart about hit the floor. Then I asked why and she said "Because I don't want to work. I won't be able to play with Izzi and Ali and Shelby." We then had a talk about how I like to work and how not all moms have to work and how I still have friends and get together with them too.. It was kind of a bittersweet moment. Here I thought she missed me while I was at work but NO it was just because she didn't think she would have time to play with friends.

Funny story about JO

The other day we had a first FHE! It went well. We are using the Behold Your Little One Nursery Manuel and just adapting it. It works great! We colored all about me books. Jo did great. Ryker made us color about 20 cars on the page of his likes.. go figure. We made a file folder with family members and talked about how everyone is a child of god even people who make bad choices.

So we were talking about Moses.  Jim was telling the story of the his people and the 7 ? curses, because he is so good at telling the stories. He talked about how Moses said if you don't let my people go ..._insert curses here... then of course it happened and JO would say "yes" like Napolean Dynomite sp? With the hand fist gesture and everything. We tried to explain to her that it was really sad but couldn't help but laughing at her pleasure in knowing the people were going to be punished.  Awful I know but you are laughing as you picture this right?


Melissa said...

so cute!

The reason why I asked what you did is because I read the post about you being at a school. So I was curious. I graduated a couple of years ago in el ed but didn't certify. I am currently in a n elementary school doing that.

your kids are too cute!

Kimi Jensen said...

Fun kids. I love your stories.

Jen said...

I love these all and good for you for documenting the cute things your kids say and do b/c we forget so quickly! You crack me up on the baby hungry comment! Too funny!

Rusty and Jessica Terry said...

your kids sound so cute

Rusty and Jessica Terry said...

your kids sound so cute