Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthdays are for the birds or are they?

Thanks to my awesome family and friends turning 27 wasn't bad at all. I had a fabulous birthday. It was great! To me... my birthday is just another day but to my hubby tis not soo. I always get really spoiled and I am so grateful for him and the rest of my family.
His bday most of the time gets put off,  and/or combined with JOs and the Superbowl. One of these years I am gonna knock him off his feet with the best birthday ever. He definitely deserves it!!!

So it all started with my lil JO telling me happy birthday in the morning and rushing to make a cute card.
Then Jim brought me some CAFE RIO for lunch and a Granny B's pink cookies.. calories don't count on your birthday right? 
AND I my mom stopped by on her lunch break to say hi! She let a gift and balloons upstairs quietly. It was fun to see what she got me as I went upstairs to head off to work. I got an awesome waffle maker that has a timer and you flip it over! I have been wanting one since they first started putting them in hotels. Jim also showered me with a night out, and some gift cards to Bath and Body works and Old Navy. Yeah for more smelly stuff and new clothes!

Then I logged on to see Jim has posted that sweet birthday wish post for me and all my friends wishes on facebook WOW!!! What a day! I feel so loved!

After work, which went well b/c I didn't have to deal with the rowdy boys in the soccer club, I cam home. The YW presidency made a quick visit with a darling homemade card and some treats. Then off to Lehi... 

On the way.. JO says "I want to be a cowgirl, doctor and  a mom when I grow up" that was cute and original don't you think.

The kids went to Gma and Gpa Innes' for the night. While we went out.

Feeling a little sick to my tummy, and full from lunch I wanted a light meal. We went to JCW's in AF.. SOOO GooD!  I got a kids meal..hehehe! It was great. Then we went to the movie "PUSH" which was good too. I asked if I could finish the night off  right with a $1 Hot Fudge Sundae at McDs and that we did.

When we arrived to get the kids. They were so excited to see me. Jo and Aunt Angela and Baby Ali had made sugar cookies for my birthday. They were delicious and such a sweet thing to do. Jo loves to be with Auntie Ang and Uncle Ross and then add Baby Ali to it and life is really good.

So funny story about these cookies...

" AS we were leaving Lehi we pulled out of moms culdesac and heard a big thump. I said what was that... Jim was like.. "UH OH I put something on the roof because I was trying to get Ryker in the car." Well Ang... your hard work down the drain or road I could say.  We found lots of pieces some off the roof, some off the road and some in the dirt. WE picked up all we could, checked em out, made sure there were edible and then scarfed them all down!" Hee Hee. 10 sec rule right? well probably 30 sec when we found them all.

Thanks for a great birthday everyone! It was awesome! I love you!


Lyndi said...

Good cookie story.

Jen said...

Loved the cookie story! I'm SO happy you had a fabulous birthday! You deserve it :)

Misty said...

HB a little belated! :)