Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Pattys Day 2009

WE  had a good St. Pattys Day and hope you all did too.

Reasons why I like St. Patricks Day, in no particular order.

1- It's not OVER commercialized yet?
2- I am a March baby so it's in my blood.
3- I like to wear the color green.
4- I don't have to worry about buying presents for... anyone
5- I work for 4-H and that is our color and logo and I LOVE MY JOB!!!!
6- You can get really really creative with this holiday, green food, hair dying, green tutus
7- I Love Rainbows, GOLD, one of my favorite cereal is Lucky charms.

SO today started off with a healthy breakfast of Cheesy Eggs and Lucky Charms... :) NO green eggs and ham for us, as JO had them at school on Mar 2nd and wouldn't touch them.

We all decked out in green. JO was green from head to toe and she did it all by herself. Ryker didn't want to. He wanted to wear a RED monkey shirt and did but after a milk spilling accident and wanting to match JO he budged.

JO and I made some sugar cookies with my 4 Leaf Clover cookie cutter from 4-H. Then after school she and Jim frosted them and had fu! They turned out cute, see for yourself. Thanks to Gma Innes' recipes.

Well that about wraps it up.

Today JO said something so funny though. This conversation was about her not wanting to go to school because she was tired. I told her...

 "well then maybe you should go to bed at a decent hour." She said "when  I am big and have my own kids, they aren't going to school." I said "what about when they grow up?" She said.. "they won't they will stay zero" I laughed. Then later when I told her that we all have birthdays and we have to get older she said "okay they can be 4 and that is it!"

Silly girl!


Jen said...

How cute! 4 forever! I'll take that!! I need a good sugar cookie recipe. I'm gonna have to come harass ya for it :)

Maran said...

Cute pictures! I love St. Patty's Day, too. It's fun to watch everyone unite in one color.

Nut's and Boltz said...

Leslie your such a cute and fun Mommy!!! I found your blog from Kelly's so good to see what you've been up to. P.S. Heather Bailey is in my ward here in sunny AZ