Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Exciting Weekend!!!

The day that Jo has waited for is here.... the playhouse is done and all the grandkids including the neighborhood got to reap the benefits of grandpa Herbie and the Uncles hard work. THANKS guys! We couldn't ask for better family around here!

 We had a good weekend.

A few highlights.

*We went and were looking for new cars and after about 3 lots and Jo not really understanding what we were doing, she said, "Mom and Dad would you just pick a spot!" It was funny.

 *Another moment, Jim and I were talking about something to do with eating right or something evil like thatJ and he went to grab his double chin to proof something, and it wasn't there! It was funny! You should have seen his face!  It's like washing your hair the first time when you have cut it from long to really short. We are excited and proud of all his hard work and self control he is almost to 60lbs weight loss and looks and feels great!

 *We went to the flying field Saturday and had a good time watching helicopters, eating snacks, and running around. When the helis would crash Ryker would say “UH OH!” We are glad he doesn't think crashing is exciting and fun for the futures sake.

 *Jim and I got to go on a date while G Innes offered to take the kids. It was really nice. THANKS We went to Texas Roadhouse, and the line was huge, lots of people including couples were waiting to be seated outside and in. Well Jim walked in and said, “Hey what's the wait?” She said “How many?” He said, "Just 2." and a girl from the bar area said” I can take them right now.” IT was AWESOME we were seated and enjoying their awesomefood and cinnamon honey butter yummmmm! 

*We then went to Indiana Jones. It was OK. Same old costumes, props, cheesiness and I could have done without the Aliens  but over all it was a good time. 

Thanks to the Innes clan who watched the chillins and for putting Jos hair up in sponge rollers, it made Sunday morn sooo much easier!

 *Sunday was a good time at church and then Grp Herberts awesome prime rib dinner! It was soo good! Then aach kid had their turn going down the super fast slide and swinging outside. They all broke in the playset well with cuts, burns, bruises and sand in their hair and other places we won’t mention.


Melanie said...

Jim looks great! Way to go! It sounds like you guys had a fun weekend!

Annaca said...

Fun times!

Lyndi said...

The playhouse looks awesome. Can they build one at my house. :)

Rich and Crys said...

Hahaha! You're little comments about Jim's missing chin, Jo's funny remarks about the car lots, and the comment about the sand have me rolling! ;) The picture of Jo in the swing... wow, she looks like a little model. What a beautiful little girl! Can't wait to see you guys soon!!! Love you!

Josh and Ang for all time and Eternity said...

Wow that is Awesome how much weight he has lost not to mention you look skinny too!! But I am across the pond so I don't get to see you all at all only like once at our wedding which was almost 5 years ago...but Josh is deployed and serving his wonderful country for 5 months he left in April!! I can't believe we have made it this far it feels like he has been gone forever and I am just some lonely old dried up spinster waiting for her husband to return!! O well... but he is good and doing so well!! He won an award for best soldier first one in his unit to get it!! We are so proud of him not to mention all the other awards he has gotten!! But do keep him in your prayers he has had a bomb attack and he almost lost his hand... Bless him poor thing!!