Friday, June 27, 2008

Lagoon Anyone

I have 2 separate tickets that will get 8 people into Lagoon on July 5th for adults $27.00 a piece it is State 4-H Day. Anyone want to go?  



Annaca said...

If your not up for Montana we could consider Alaska, or perhaps the Swiss Alps?? But really, we're coming up on the 12th of July. We're gonna stay in Orem and hit the zoo and 7-peaks. I think we'll stay till maybe the 16th, so we should get together. And of course if you wanted to join us on any of our adventures your totally welcome to!!

JethRobyn said...

That would be awesome, except for my sister and her family are going through the temple on Saturday, and my niece is getting baptized. Ride Rattlesnake rapids in my honor. Have fun!

Natalie Kay said...

Are your tickets still available? Davy's never been to Lagoon and I promised him I would take him this summer.