Sunday, June 15, 2008


I just wanted to give a shout out to all the great dads in my life! Happy Fathers Day!

 First of all to my hubby and a great daddy to Jo and Ryker, We Lub YOU!!  Jim amazes me more each day with his determination to always do better. Whether it’s making more money to make life better, learning to fly better, being a better dad, or bettering himself he has some strong will power. He has been working 3 jobs, often 12 hour days, serving as the Sunday School President in church, running the heli club all while being an awesome husband and a great daddy too.  When I am working or at school and he is with the kids I sometimes come home to a “not so picked up” house. He says “we were just having too much fun!” I am grateful that he takes time to bond and play with the kids as I regretfully don’t as much as I should.  One thing I love about Jim is he is very good about still believing in his dreams. He never gives up on the future! Jim is a very intelligent, strong willed, understanding and very loving man. I am grateful I found him 5 1/2 years ago and look forward to many more!


My father in-law also named Jim is a great man too. He makes me laugh with his silly corny puns or jokes. He writes great signature poems for occasion cards that always make us giggle. He always has a smile on his face. He loves to play with the grandkids and is willing to give up a TV show or ball game to let Jo watch her shows even though he doesn’t always want to. He is just a big kid so he plays like one too. I like that he isn’t afraid to rough house, give horsy rides, let the kids jump on him and that sort of stuff.  He is great about making sure we are doing ok, healthy and happy and takes time to talk. I really admire that he can’t say anything bad about anybody that is a true characteristics I wish I could have. I most admire his testimony of the gospel and the way he leads and guides everything by the spirit. Love you Bumpa!


My own father Mike is an incredible person! He would give you the shirt off his back without receiving anything in return. Both my parents love to serve and sometimes wear themselves out in doing so but NEVER COMPLAIN! My daddy has done so much for me in my life that I couldn’t possibly repay him or tell him how much I love him. He is very talented and can do just about anything and he puts his mind to. He has taught me about hard work, setting goals, not being afraid to learn new things, respect, love and understanding. He is always willing to learn something new if it will help someone out. He is very kind, and giving. My dad loves his grandkids and it shows. He just grins ear to ear when he sees the smiles on their face or even when he hears their voice. He spoils them rotten but does know to get after them when they are doing something they shouldn’t be. They love him too! One thing I like about my dad is he’s a pretty relaxed person and I am pretty uptight and very high maintenance, which is probably why we get along so well. He just helps me see life as it is, tells me to keep dreaming and follow my heart and if he has to he puts me in my place. I need that every once in a while. Gwampa Spike as JO first called him is the


My last living daddy would be my Grandpa Blair. He is one amazing person. After losing his eyesight when my dad was 13 over 40 years ago he hasn’t ever used it as a crutch. He is very driven. Heck he is a lawn mower mechanic, a farmer, he fixes his own cars and he is a retired judge. He is also a very given person and has never let his family down. He has always supported me in my decisions but made sure if I was making a bad one that it was a bad one. He is prime example of determination as he has had to deal with a lot in this life. He has never seen me, nor my siblings, yet alone my mom but he knows me. He takes time to get to know us and makes sure things are going ok. He is always willing to give advice, tell stories or just BS. I spent many weekends in his home with him, grandma and my Auntie Dana as a child. He can tells all sorts of stories. One thing I admire about him is I have really never seen him mad, not even when I drove his lawnmower/tractor into the fence. Love you gramps!


My Grandpa Dean passed away 2 months before I met Jim.  We got to live in his house after. It was fun to reminisce and think about all the great times we had. I love Grandpa Dean he was a prime example of a hard worker. He would work out on his farm, in his shop, in the yard until his hands would bleed. He always taught me to choose the right and to be nice to my mother. He loved his 2 daughters with all his might. He was a family man. He always made the rounds on Sunday to visit all his kids and either play cards or just say hi. Grandpa Dean loved to sing and dance and after he married Noreen, his second wife he would go to dances with her and dance all night long. He was a very happy charming man with a great smile! The thing I loved most  bout this man was no matter what  NO job was too hard for him, and he would get it done right the first time even if it took longer. Love you gramps!

To all the father figures in my life, bros, uncles, cousins... Happy Dad Day! 

I also have to say sorry to the moms in my life that didn't get this tribute for Mothers Day. I was really busy.. you saw the strawberries,... but still that isn't an excuse! I still love you all though and couldn't imagine life without you!



Angela said...

you rock Jim!

Yelyah's Corner said...

Leslie...just want you to know that I miss you! Lets hang out soon...P.S....I would love to teach guitar!

Also...You and Jim look so great...infact I have never seen you guys look happier!

--> Garit said...

The Girl is Melanie Dean from highland. Girl of my dreams. I am one seriously happy dude!

Getting married July 25th looks like.. (we keep bumping it up! just cant get married soon enough!)

So send me your address .. I need to get a list put together by Wednesday looks like! Crazy! Can you believe I am actually getting married!?