Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What have we been up to?

Summer is here and we are busy. We have been trying to have lots of fun this summer.
Here is what we have been up to....

We had a nice baby shower for Stacee and baby Mac on SAt. It was nice, lots of people came. There was awesome food and she got great stuff! My mom makes the best homemade rolls!

Fathers day was a nice dinner and cards at Mom Herberts and I made awesome oreo truffles sooo good! Then to the Innes to catch dad at the end of his BB game. I made Jim Innes Kid Air Freshners. Cute Eh? Now he can take them where ever he goes the kids I mean.

I took the kids swimming to the Scera along with Shelby. It was a great time. I am so ready for Lake Powell! The kids love the water!

I have been doing a Fun w/ Science Club with my mentoring kids every Wed. I get to bring my own kid and do it all outside soo fun and they are great kids. Last week we shot of mentos with Diet Coke anyone ever done that? If not try it, it's AWESOME!!! Just open soda, dump a whole package of mint mentos in the Diet Sode (warm works best) and WATCH out!

We took a day and went to SLC looking for cars and then to the Chalk Festival at the Gateway. It was fun, they gave us chalk and we got to draw in the Kids Corner, they had free stuff, face painting and then Jo tried out the fountain. It was neat to see the art and there were some really really young artists participating. The festival is free but is put on by Utah Foster Care!

We have also been to different work functions. Here is the Family Night Out at Canyon Glen Park up Provo Canyon, a good food and fun! I even made it to the top of the rock wall with lots of screaming. Jo however only made it up one step and then was done. I have to say thanks to Jim for coming along to all my work things and watchin the kids and taking great pics! I love you!

We are free of credit card debt. Thanks to Jim again! He has worked so hard, pulling money into savings before I could spend it :) and selling all sorts of RC heli stuff to get us out of CC Debt! Feels good.. Thanks babe!

Then some awesome news....Jim has been offered a new job working for California but here in Utah. If he accepts it will be a BIG change for us... more to come later.

Last we just went camping to a little lake called Redcreek in Eastern Ut with my family. IT WAS SO FUN!!!  I liked just sitting around, playing cards, playing with kids, and taking an occasoinal four wheeler ride. The kids had a blast riding wheelers,  getting dirty making forts, and eating sugar all weekend long. We didn't think we were going to make it on this trip as JO was ill with a 102 temp and then was vomiting just 2 days before AND we broke down in the Tioga Moterhome 2 times before we made it there. Poor things, it's getting soo old. Jim had to drive with the heat on.. no fun but it was worth it! Thanks to all who made it happen!

Now back to the grind, and man isn't it hot!
We hope you all are doing great, now stop reading blogs and get out and enjoy the sun!!!


Misty said...

Hey Leslie, do you remember me? It's Misty, from the good 'ole days. I saw your blog on Traci's - it's so cute. Take care! :)

Lyndi said...

I can't believe how long Jo's hair is. It sounds like you guys are having lots of fun.

nate and marne said...

oh les, you don't know hot till you come visit us. it is 112, with lows in the upper 80s. our pool is 92. it's nuts that we choose to live on the face of the sun!! looks like you guys are busy and happy

DigandStacee said...

O Great Post big ole fat pictures of me j/k it's ok! It looks like you had a blast at red creek. maybe next time we will be able to come and join the party!

brooke allred said...

looks like you are keeping busy this summer!! We need to get together and I hear that you are the one to plan around so let me know when you can get together!! see you soon and keep having fun!

Annaca said...

Looks like tons of fun!! Plus, I can relate with the hotness these days. Maybe we could all go in on a summer home in Montana...tell me what you think :)

Anonymous said...

You guys know how to have fun in the sun! Hey congrats on getting out of CC debt. That is awesome! Also, congrats to Jim on the potential job. Now I am curious. Tell me more when we see you in July. Love you guys. Aunt Donna

JT, Carly, Boston, and Snuggles said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer! I'd love to get together with you anytime; e-mail me at jtandcarly@yahoo.com and I'll give you my number. And yes I do remember the jean jacket pictures! So funny!!