Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What have we been up to .

Can you believe it is July 1st??? I can't, time is just slipping by too fast! School will be back in anyday now it seems but first we have to play a bit more!

We took our kids to "Horton hears a Who?" last weekend. It was a great movie. The kids did well in the theatre. As long as Ryker has food he is pretty good anywhere. That movie was really cute! I love Dr. Suess I totally recommend it. Aunt MiMi (AMY) was able to meet us there, see the movie, do lunch and then she took Jo to Lehi with her to go swimming and to the Lehi Parade. That was nice of her, what a good aunt. JO had a blast!

Jim and I got to go the temple that night. We arrived just in the nick of time thanks to mother Joy meeting us there to grab Ryker and Go literally. THANKS MOM!! Isn't family awesome?!! It was a very peaceful and settling time for us.

SAT.. Jim got up and went flying and I took the kids to Lehi to the Grande Parade. It was way tooo long. 2.5 hours is too long to sit with 2 kids and watch floats, marching bands, and karate clubs. Ryker HATED it! At least I was in the shade thanks for a nice old neighbor from my old 2nd ward.

Later Jim joined us for the Carnival in the park. This is not a carnival with HUGE $$$ rides and that is why I LOVE IT! There were many big blow up toys, slides, obstacle courses and a small train. It is cheap only .25-75cents a ride and it was fun to see old friends. There is a free kids corner with free crafts and jo made some stylin glasses and ryker colored a paddle ball game. Then the Bones came and Jo loved to play with Aiden. Most the time Ryker was not happy he hated everything, he liked the swings once, and the train when he wasn't on it.

Sunday was Sunday we went to church, and then to Lehi. Mom Innes had the best roast I have had in a LONG time. It was sooo good! Then Ang, Ross, Ali, Jo and  I all went to Arts in the Park. It was past Miss Lehi night so I got to see alot of old friends from highschool always fun stuff but I feel older and older the more I go to Lehi functions. 

Last night Jim and I got to go to Euphoria UVU's celebration of becoming a university. I liked it as I love country music and Jim was supportive. It was very long and hot. 15000 people turned out just for the concert and there had been stuff to do all day. My favorite star was Collin Raye, he even played a song that my friend Tobby sang at our wedding (One boy, One Girl) and then(( (Love Me) which is very very sentimental for me as it was sang at my grandma Lareus funeral.
As I tried to boogie down, Jim said I was aging myself hehe! But it was fun and the fireworks were good too, better than the city ones. Nice Night out for me and thanks to both sets of family that helped take on my kiddos.

Today Jim got to go to the ribbon cutting ceremony of the school and he got to listen to and shake President Thomas S. Monsons hand. That was a neat experience for him wish I was there!

Work has been fun, today we made homemade lava lamps and got to experience UV color changing beads. The kids made bracelettes with them and hemp. It was a great time!  I LOVE MY JOB!

On the schedule now.. THE FOURTH OF JULY!!! Wahoo I love this time of year, fireworks, the smell of gunpowder, sparklers, bbqs, camping and family!!! Happy Days!


Bonnie said...

Sounds like you all are having a great time:) Thanks for blogging. I love the pictures too.

Misty said...

I can't believe I didn't see you at the family fun day. We were there, but probably at different places at different times. It's terrible though, I never recognize anyone. I am usually the person walking past because I don't know someone if they don't look EXACTLY like they did in HS. It sounds like you had a fun time.