Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where have we been?

On Wed. July 16th we headed to Lake Powell. The kids did pretty good on the the road. We got to have grandma Joy ride with us the whole way and that was sooo helpful. Thanks grandma! 

Some highlights of our trip! While there we had some ups and downs. 

*The wind picked up 2 times, one time carrying the water weanie, trampoline, tubes and 2 small boys away. We all pulled together to rescue everything. It was quite funny to watch those kids dive off the tubes as the wind picked up. Thank goodness they were wearing life jackets. 

*Another time the night before we were to leave the wind picked up sooo bad that all the kids from up top had to crash downstairs, our houseboat came un-anchored and my dad, brother Jared, Jim and my new soon to  be brother in law Dan stayed up all night adding rocks to the anchor. What a wild night!

*Ryker got dehydrated and the flu the first day there and was a little sick the 2nd night but other than that all was good.

*We haven't been to Powell in 5 yrs so it was great to go with friends and family! 

*Dad splurged and surprised us all the week or so before with the purchase of the houseboat which made things easier on me. Ryker slept well as did Jo.  It even had a slide which was too fun!

*It was sooo hot but the water was lovely. 

*We got to go cliff jumping my favorite part!

*Jim got up on the kneeboard and almost the wakeboard! (Next time he will be there)

*JO swam in her jacket and little pink tube the whole time... without fear (thank goodness)

* Ryker didn't drown infact he didn't like the water much.  He LOVED the boat though!

*I got up on the wakeboard after 2 tries however I tried to ride it like skis, endo and had a very bad headache for the rest of the evening!

*We got to eat good food, great snacks pay cards, enjoy the water and be with the ones we love DIGGER and STACEE we sure missed you! JO wouldn't even brave the tube behind the boat because Dig wasn't there to do it with her. Ryker did though!


Rich and Crys said...

Lake Powell is amazing! I was able to stay on a houseboat with my friend and her family for a week on the lake and it was probably one of the BEST vacations of my life!!! So much fun! Did you take pictures??? 'Cause you KNOW I want to see 'em. ;)

Jody said...

Hey there Leslie, Its Jody (Fryer) Talbot, I am so glad I found your blog, your kids are so cute, if I saw them on the street I would definetely know they were yours, they look just like you!

Wilks Family said...

Looks like you had fun! As far a a boy name...Jack seems to be the default until we decide for sure. We both really like it.

DigandStacee said...

Well I know that you missed Digger and my company down in Lake Powell. I really didn't want to bless everyone with my wildly fat orca body!