Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a great holiday weekend we have had!!

On Thursday we went to get the kids and Jims hair cut after a nice lunch in Provo. It was quite a traumatic experience for Ryker. He was terrified, but needed a haircut soooo bad. The nice girl kept him belted in his stroller and then she had him hug me while she quickly buzzed his head. It looks cute, he looks older too. She was good, she sang the songs he learned in nursery to keep him calm. I on the otherhand in the work up we both forgot to put the hair smocks on smoked and so we were both covered in his hair. YUCK and ITCHY!! I wasn't needing a shower when we arrived but after that ordeal I was the one who needed it the most so instead of going to the Freedom Festival we just came right home after.

On Independence Day  we went to the Innes household in Lehi for a nice BBQ. It was fun and we were with lots of family that we haven't seen in a LONG time. All the Innes siblings were able to come out to Utah for the 4th and it's been great. We even had family and friends from Arizona and Cali. We  did kareoke, play guitar hero, a few board games and just chit chatted. It was fun to have all the cousins together too, Jo being the oldest. It was great food and good times. 

Later that night we went to the Herbert household to light off our own fireworks and then watch the city and other cities fireworks from the roof. I wasn't so impressed with them this year. They were really low, and too long. I was a bit terrified about taking Ryker up there, but he insisted and did pretty good. I held on soooo tight! He took a minute to warm up to the fireworks and was scared but soon he was saying "oooh pretty, yeah  (as he clapped)" He is just so cute!

The next day we went boating with Mom and Dad Herbert and Dig and Stacee. It was just what I needed. The water was rough and our time on the Lake was cut short with a storm but we had  a good time. Ryker and Jo both rode behind the boat in the tube. I was so proud of them, they loved it too especially Ryker. He didn't want to get off. Jim, Dig, and I had some pretty wild rides on the tube and it was a good time. We r feeling it today though!

Sat night we went to the Innes and ate leftovers, to the Lewis wedding and then to Liberty Land in Lehi to go mini golfing with all the married couples of Jim siblings. It was really fun to get together, we took Jo and she loved being w/the older kids. What a great family we have!

Sunday was the blessing of Ali so beautiful. The kids did well at church and we had a very nice lunch afterwards at moms and some Boggle. It was great to catch up with family and friends.
Sunday for dinner we went to Mama Herberts to surprise Cortney for her birthday. We kinda ruined the surprise as we didn't hear the honking for the warning or her arrival but oh well. It was good mom made cafe rio pork, ice cream cake roll and we had a german chocolate cake. It was really fun to be with family and eat and visit but more exciting was she got to show off her brand spanking new ENGAGEMENT RING!!! Oh we are soo excited for her and Dan to get married they are soo cute and happy together! Congrats!

PHew long post! It was fun, tiring, exhausting, emotional and crazy all at the same time. AND the family isn't gone yet so more fun too come! WAHOO!!!


mommysgirls said...

Sounds like fun! I can't even believe how much Jo is mini you!

nate and marne said...

wow, it sounds like you guys had a ton of fun. nathan took our kids to the fireworks, you can't do your own out here, it's illegal! i stayed home with rachel and my sisters. it's good to see what you guys are up to. we miss it up there so much!!

DigandStacee said...

I know I am the looser that didn't honk I was being me and didn't even think about it. But really she had no idea that we planned anything !

Misty said...

It sounds like you had such a great time. I love holidays!

JAMIE RBZ said...

And I read that whole thing and what sticks out..."Cafe Rio Pork". You have a recipe for something like that? MMM MMM GOOD!! Does she share her recipe?

DigandStacee said...

this baby is so far up in my ribs that I feel like i'm going to explode. Digger is going to make a chart to when I am going to pop and how much Mac will weighh

Marisa Jean said...

I wish my husband would follow the example of yours and finally get a hair cut. His long hair is driving me bonkers!!! The BBQ and fireworks sound like a blast!

JT, Carly, Boston, and Snuggles said...

Glad you guys had a great 4th. I LOVE summer too and hate the thought of it ever ending. I really want to get together with you, but I keep thinking maybe I should wait until I'm not hugely pregnant and then you could meet baby Jocelyn... I guess we could get together more than once though! Do you ever take the kids to Thanksgiving point? I've been wanting to take Boston to the petting zoo and that Noah's Ark thing sometime soon so let me know if you'd be interested in meeting up there!