Friday, July 4, 2008


I just wanted to shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cortney my sister! She turns the big 30 today and is enjoying it in Chicago with Dan and his family. She is the bestest sister ever! She is always there.... when I need to talk, to play cards with, vent and sometimes cry with,  to have a laugh and just a hug. She helped mold me into who I am today. She was my caretaker while mom and dad were working. We had alot of fun together and still do.  I spend many nights in her bed, since I had bad dreams even after I had my own new room. She took me to my first concert when I was 12 and I nearly died in the moshpit as a big very BIG man fell from crowd surfing on top me. 
What a memory!! She is always willing to babysit my kids and is gonna be an AWESOME mom someday. I love you CORT!!

OH and I can't forget to say Happy Birthday to this awesome country! Even with all the problems we have and how incredibly wicked it is becoming I AM grateful to live here! I love the USA!! I love this time of year when people are soo patriotic and hope comes out from hiding. 

I am so thankful that so many men and women fought and still fight everyday to protect our freedom, especially to my cousin Erick, his dad Uncle Tim, my friend Josh, Mr. Keel and many others! Happy Birthday America WE love thee!