Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playhouses, Chilis and MORE!


Memorial Weekend started off pretty rainy here. We were going to go camping with Ma and Pa Herbert but instead we all stayed home. :( Two kids,  mixed with mud and rain and no where to run but inside our small Tioga motor-home, I think not.

Friday we went to Lehi to see what grandma Joy was up to she had the day off. She was creating beautiful flower arrangements for the graves. In our family we have about 35 grave sides in 4 different cemeteries. My family believes in using fake flower arrangements that have to be stored in a garage attic and then taken down, dusted and "refluffed" every year. They are beautiful but it's a lot of work I think, however; our graves look awesome every year.
I tried to help but Jim said I would get the "good effort award" against my moms. I admit arranging flowers are not my specialty so I told mom when she died I was gonna auction her arrangements and by Mums. So we helped with that and enjoyed  the company. After we had dinner from Cafe Rio my mom offered to watch the kids overnight so Jim and I could go to a movie.
While waiting for dinner to arrive, I was on KSL looking for dining sets and one popped up. It was 9:30 at night and at 10:00 we became the owners of the beautiful table above. It was only $50, well underpriced very heavy in great condition and I think beautiful. I am grateful as we were outgrowing our other one. Then on to the movie, running...For those of you who haven't seen the movie Iron Man I highly reccomend it. We enjoyed our night.

Sat Jim got up early and went flying to beat the rain. I went to Lehi to pick up kids and hang out. Jim joined us and the other siblings in that afternoon for honey dos, dinner and cards. The girls tied a quilt for our new nephew Mac arriving in July and did dinner and the boys started on a swingset/club house for the grandkids. Jo sat and watched and waited patiently. She told grandpa he had "pive mimutes" to finish it. It will be done for this weekends Sunday dinner and Jo is estatic. She is a little impatient, everytime grandpa took a break to potty, eat, rest, go get more wood, she would say things like why isn't grandpa out working on MY playhouse. She also had dreams about her slide coming in the mail. So funny!!! She hasn't though about anything since.
On Memorial Day our little family went to lunch at Chilis since our plans to go swimming at the Scera were foiled. It was a good time. The kids ate and acted pretty good and then fell asleep on the way home, so Jim and I got to catch up on LOST! WAHOO it was a great weekend. Not very restful, quite busy, but it was fun and lots got done!


Smith Fam said...

The darn rain foiled everyone's plans. But it sounds like you still have a great time! Jo is so cute!! I bet her and Paige would have a blast together. We will have to get together!

Annaca said...

Looks like lots of fun, oh and by the way, your kids are ADORABLE!!

Emily H said...

Looks like it was a good weekend. I can't wait until the swing set is done so I can send my kids up there!

Amber and Matt said...

We will have to go swimming with the kids while we are there this summer! Ryker's hair looks darker, probably because he just has a lot more since I last saw him, but it sure looks adorable! Looks like a fun holiday!

Jennifer said...

OOh- I love your new table...what a steal! I am catching up on all my blog reading.. May was a crazy month. The choc. strawberries for mother's day looked divine. And I noticed the guiltless chicken sandwich from chili's- one of my favorites. (I must be hungry.)

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm doing great!! My family is growing that's for sure! It's so much fun. Your kids are cute!! It's good to hear from you!

nate and marne said...

hey, i love your table. it's similar to the one we found. someone had it in their yard to sell on a random night, and we scored. we love it. looks like you had a fun weekend. i know all about th rain here too. it is like a 1 in a 100 year thing for it to rain for days in may. weird weather all over the place!!

Mandee Gillen said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!! Aunt Joy is crazy, I know how hard she worked and my kids loved loved loved going to the cemetary with her. I am glad that we live so close and my kids have the opportunity to grow and love their great aunts and uncles expecially when they are as wonderful as they are!!
Fun Times had by all it looks like!