Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a weekend!

This was the first Labor Day weekend that hasn't taken me somewhere. Usually we go camping, boating or even to Mesquite. Not this year it was the annual UHA Fun Fly in Lehi! Which meant spending time in good ole Lehi, my home. :)
Jim definitely labored all weekend long at his Fun Fly. It was a great time and a good turnout. They had some firsts this year. They donated some of their proceeds to B.A.C.A. so they were there and they had a live band called "Little Wasatch". They were a girl group that sang old soft rock and man the lead singer she could really sing it. It was cool and reminded me of the good old days.
Jim had more club members help this year so I was able to be there on and off and really didn' t have to help at all. It was hot and the bugs were really really bad. The kids and I spent the weekend nights at moms. Jo loved having a "sleepover" both nights. We also got to spend some time with Lyndi and her boys on Friday evening at moms and at the field Saturday. It was a good time. Jim got some good picture practice in,  got to actually fly some of the time, and he shut down and got out of there before the storm hit hard.
Yesterday we just kinda of hung out and enjoyed being home. We then went to lunch and some shopping with the kids. WE tried to go to a dollar movie but they were ALL sold out figures. All in all it was a good weekend. Now back to school and work!!!


JethRobyn said...

Sounds fun! Where do they fly in Lehi? I'm glad he got out of there before the storm, what a crazy weather weekend.

Kari said...

I heard the movies were really bad yesterday. I'm glad we didn't try to go. We thought about swimming, for about two seconds and then went shopping.

nate and marne said...

we had a fun time in orem this weekend, but you weren't there!! oh well, next time we'll see ya. sounds like you guys enjoyed yourselves. isn't school fun??

Heidi said...

Your children are darling! I am so glad you found me. It is fun to see what you are up to. Your mom is in my ward and she is a HOOT! She reminds me you (a lot of fun, crazy and wild)!
Keep in touch!

maran said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend! I love sleepovers, too:)