Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things have been go! go! go!

I haven't posted in awhile.  Some updates.... I know this is long, but it's my journal so sorry just read the *sentences and you will get the jist of it!

*Saturday night Jim & I went on a real date no kids!
Ma and Pa Innes watched our kids THANKS!! We went to "La Vigna" in Lehi. Truly it wasn't very good. The marinara sauce they use is a bit too tomatoeee for me and my spinach alfredo sauce was kinda of lumpyish. The lasagna wasn't even close to G'Ma Innes'. It was about $50 to eat there and I just didn't think it was worth the price. I dunno maybe we got a bad chef. Afterwards we went shopping, yes shopping, Jim said I got to pick. We went to Ross to look for wedding attire and they had to push us out the doors at closing time. What a great date!!

*Monday Jo had to go to the dentist again, :( Last time though.
It wasn't such a happy occasion this time as she had to have a baby root canal. I could hear her screaming from the waiting room so I went back to comfort her. It was sad. She did really good, and once she was out of the chair and got her new toy she was good. Then we went up to South Towne mall to find clothes for the wedding. I hate malls and thats that!

*Tuesday night I went out with my sister Cortney and sister in-law Stacee, and some friends for a night out with Cort. It was kind of a pre-wedding celebration.
It was a surprise and we had a great time!  It was my first time, and I will go back. It was worth every penny. If you haven't had a pedicure before let me tell you it was heaven. I got to sit in a massage chair, soak my feet and just enjoy myself and the company. It was kind of odd that they had COPS on TV.  It kind of took away from the serenity of it all but oh well. It was so fun. I had a great time, I got cute red toenails with flowers on them and cute little green foamy flip flops to wear and then we went to Cafe Rio for dinner. YUMMY! Love that place!!! To top it all off we played cards with Stacee, Digger, Cort and Dan at Diggers house. I love my family!!! PICS TO COME...

*My 4-H Afterschool Clubs started at school so work is in full swing. 
I have 10 clubs a week all with 15- 20 kids in them.  I get to entertain and treat them to a snack for 30 mins after school and then they go to club. So this week was going great till Thursday when I had the soccer club for the first time.
WARNING RANT AND RAVE!!!  The soccer club is predominantly hispanic boys who are really really good at soccer. However, on the other hand they were really disrespectful too. I had to stop them from talking several times and it was all in Spanish too, them not me so then it was really bugging. So I shouted something I shouldn't have. I told them to "sit down, shut your mouths and listen to me, if you don't understand my English deal with it, be quiet and I will have someone translate afterwards!" Is that mean and prejudice of me? After wards I thought so, to assume they can't speak English; but really come on I just needed 10 mins. Then when we dismissed to clubs they started bouncing their soccer balls, wouldn't do the American Pledge or the 4-H one.. GRRRRR... 

*On another note, they are really fun kids, very energetic and very funny now if I can just get them to learn some respect that would be great. So work was a rollercoaster but I enjoy being there, watchings kids learn to  make jewelry, cook, sign, dance, stomp, play soccer, yoga, run....I have an awesome job!!

*NEXT that night I rushed home and Jim and I got everyone ready to go to Cortneys Wedding. 
I wasn't feeling well but we manage to get to the wedding on time and "looking good." PICS TO COME.
It was a very quiet, small and peaceful ceremony, except Ryker talking about trucks that whole time to my Dad. It was a beautiful wedding in all and both Cortney and Dan were glowing with happiness. 
Ryker was jumping literally everywhere, he even rubbed his head on the pavement laughing, what a weirdo? He was soo hyped! I was out of energy by the end of the night. He isn't my quiet little lax boy anymore. We then had a scrumptious dinner, cut the cake and a little dance and came home. It was a nice evening. CONGRATS CORT & DAN we love you!

*Dan and Jim are a lot alike. He is sort of a nerd, ehheh so he gets all of Jims silly jokes, woot shirts, and likes old school music. He loves to play darts and football as does Jim. He is a really good guy and We love him!

Well thats that.. and a bag of chips! Have a great week everyone!


JethRobyn said...

Great update. I'm excited to see the photos Ang did of the wedding. She told me the ceremony was gorgeous! Congrats to your sister! Lucky you...I wish my husband would let me go shopping!!

Rich and Crys said...

Sheesh, you're busy!!!! First of all... props to Jim for being a man and willingly going shopping. I'm impressed! Poor little Jo... root canals STINK! I know, I'm the RC Queen, (I'm not bragging, promise). I've only ever gotten 1 pedicure, but yes, it was DIVINE. Living in AZ, I REALLY should get one at least every couple of months, but I don't. My feet are just nasty. Ryker... what can I say? Don't you know that asphalt isn't good for your head? Silly, funny boy. I miss and love you guys! Can't wait to see you.

JT, Carly, Boston, and Snuggles said...

You have been busy. I'm glad Courtney's wedding went well. Congrats to her. I don't know when we can get together, because Boston has therapy on Monday afternoons for the next couple of months. Oh well.. we'll keep in touch and it will happen one day.

Jody said...

You are very busy, I love to be busy. To answer both your questions. i dont think we will be in Utah until next year. Cody just got out of the National Guard thank goodness. He was in Iraq for 18 months in 03-04.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Well, it's Hannah Anderson, hopefully you remember me... well, I'm at Canyon View this year (it's closer to my house). I was going to do clubs this year, but I am so busy with other things! This year I am in the top performing choir at my school, and I am in the Utah Valley Youth Symphony! I am sorry that clubs aren't going so well...It was great that you got to do some fun stuff though! Well, yeah, tons of love your way!