Monday, September 8, 2008

Tapioga, Firsts and More!!

The Friday before Labor Day, after Jos first week of school she was given a coupon for a free sherbet ice cream  from school. She showed it to everyone and was soo proud. I almost didn't want to redeem it so I could scrapbook it. hehehe

So we went to eat at Sonic Saturday night and Jo said "after we eat dinner can we go get my tapioga?" I thought, tapioca she hates that stuff, she calls it the yucky pudding with the dots.... So we asked again and she said "...tapiogi..." Jim and I were dumbfounded. "What is your tapiogi Jo?" She said, "You know... (like DUH) the card I got from school with the orange ice-cream on it!" Oh HOGI YOGI.. that was it! She wanted her free ice cream treat.  So after a night at Sonic, (where we think paid too little but they lost our receipt so we couldn't questioned it, Then they gave our food to someone else and then... forgot Jims burger(should have been free anyway)) we went to Hogi Yogi for Jo to redeem her class coupon. She had a lime sherbet and loved it. Jim and I had a coupon for a BOGO for the signatures so I got this candy bar crunch it was peanut butter cup, oreos, chocolate and something else YUM and Jim got this mint concoction. It was fun, cheap and it was a good night, memorable at the least.

TODAY JO went to the dentist for the first time!  I know I am a BAD mom as she is 4 almost 5. However my only defense is she was scared to even read a book about the dentist. I think she got that from me, but I love the dentist now however when I was little and it came to the dentist. They had to strap me down, glad they don't do that anymore, and even then the dentist said I was too scared and needed  a special dentist.
 So after I saw 2 cavities on Jos back molars (Its been hell or high water to get her to brush her teeth) we scheduled. She went to a dentist clear out in Saratoga Springs, because cousin Alyssha works there and gave her a pep talk about how 'cool' it was. Jo did so awesome!!! I was so proud of her. She just sat there and stared at DORA on the TV in the ceiling, listened to her headphones, and didn't even cry when they had to numb her. I was glad as I have been dreading this day. She had 2 little cavities and then Mon we have to go back to what could be a possible baby root canal... poor girl. :( BUT we are making progress as she got some fun stuff at the dentist, a tiara with wand, mirror, 2 new princess toothbrushes, a sand timer for brushing and paste and floss. She was soo excited " I didn't even cry!" she told Jim when we arrived home. Oh my little girl is growin up, and she ASKED to have her teeth brushed tonight!!!


Bonnie said...

I think you are a good Mom and I am glad that Jo did so good at the dentist. I hope she doesn't need a root canal but I am sure if she does she will do great! She is a very brave little girl.

Marissa said...

Yay for a good dentist experience. It sounds like it was well worth the drive to Saratoga.

Smith Fam said...

I haven't taken Paige to the dentist yet either. Maybe I should consider it before we need baby root canals. What was the name of the dentist? They sound great for kids!

Angela said...

Too funny-I really thought for a minute that you just spelled tapioca wrong. Yeah for Jo! She is such a big girl and so cute too:) Love you guys

Marisa Jean said...

I hated the dentist too--but I always knew I'd get a bouncy ball and a free coupon for a hamburger or ice cream cone from Artic Circle and that is what kept me going. At least now she knows the dentist isn't as scary as it seems.