Friday, July 24, 2009


Isn't it soo sad that when your having soo much fun you don't have time to blog...yes but NO!

Because I plan to print out my blog someday and use it as a journal/scrapbook I have to keep going. I think I can I think I can....

So my posts will be super old news to you because I want to stay in chronological order.

Over the 24th of July we headed to Lehi to the 2nd annual “Sudfest.” It’s free, it’s fun and it’s different. The Lehi Fire Dept Sponsers this awesome event! Basically they spray a large area, in our case the baseball fields, with the foam that they used to put out fires till its about a foot high and then we get to play in it. Afterwards we rinse off in the outdoor fire truck shower.

When we arrived there were so many people, mostly children, all adorned in swimsuits and goggles just playing in the foam. Jo jumped right in!!

Ryker on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it. There were several fire trucks parked in the parking lot and he just wanted to see them and only them. So he and Jim walked from truck to truck and ate some watermelon at the park nearby.

We brought along our awesome friends The Tippets, Jen, Gary, Kya and Brennon. The kids loved swimming in the foam. While Jim stayed with Ryker on the outer edge of the field and took him to get some watermelon at a nearby pavilion I played with Jo. Gary was swirling the girls and spinning them in the foam and they were having a ball. Then Jim and I switched kid duty and He got to experience the clean bubbly feeling of foam.

Soon the foam started to disappear, turn brown, get thinner, and show grass clippings. We headed over to the shower to wait for them to turn it on. Well after a lot waiting we were told that the trucks were out of water and out of foam. After much debate, lots of waiting, lots of pictures and swirling around we decided it was faster to head to G’ma Innes’ to wash off.

We arrived at momma Innes and tried to rinse off in the hose BRRRRR!!! Yeah right no way would be kids have anything to do with it. So Grandma was gracious and let us go into her bathroom in the house.

After we were clean, mostly of grass clippings mud and foam, we headed to Wingers for dinner. It was an okay dinner and the kids were kids. All in all is was a pretty good day.

One scary that happened while we were playing in the suds, we lost Jo. She ran off to go get rinsed off in the shower but we couldn’t see her then she was on the other side of the crowd. I totally went into panic mode, there were hundreds of people there where could she be? Someone could take her soo quick? Someone creepy could have her! She is probably soo scared looking for us right now!!

Gary started helping me look while Jen took care of the kids. Ryker was with Jim looking too. When we found her I cried. It wasn’t for very long but it felt like FOREVER!!! It is so scary to lose a child, even for just a split second, my life without her flashed before me and I started to cry. So glad there was a happy ending to this story and once again we were being watched over by our gracious Heavenly Father.

Thinking back I can remember the days when Jo would have never wanted to step foot near the shower that was about to douse her with water. She hated water. She especially hated water on her head man have times changed and my little girl is growin up!


Marissa said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging. Your pics are SO cute and I love the collages.
I want to do this so bad this summer. Please let me know when and where if you hear!

Rich and Crys said...

Oh my gosh this looks like soo, soo, soooo much fun! Hmmm... would Dom LOVE it or would he freak out and scream/panic/cry? Never can tell.

Sooo scary about losing Jo. I'm sorry! That is the worst.

Jen said...

We had so much fun at Sudfest! WE HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN THIS YEAR!! Thank you so much for inviting us! And thanks to Jim's parents for letting us hose down the kids are their house afterwards.