Thursday, July 2, 2009

dentist trip and funny things jo says

Some more funny Joisms

So we have been prepping Jo lately for a change in dentist. We have been going to one that Alyssha our cousin  assists at and it's been nice.  Now, Jo has been referred to a pediatric dentist because 1- she was scared and wouldn't let the dentist even "count" her teeth and 2-lots of work to do!!! Too much sugar combined with Herbert teeth not a good combo there. ;(

So her new dentist Mountainland Pediatric is in Lehi next to Dr. Brown. Now I personally haven't been to see Brown ever but many people I know have and word is he is mean and grouchy and has done lots of unnecessary work. So we point at this place where the "mean" dentist works and it happens to be in the same building as Mtld. So obvoiusly she was scared. She kept saying which one is the mean dentist? Am I going to him? We kept assuring her no she was going to a kid dentist and he is nice and that Ali in the ward goes to him. 

Then the kicker

"why is he mean?  does he just pull all your teeth out so you can't eat?"  :) where she got that I dunno but soo funny

She cut her leg on something at my moms. While my dad was helping her get a band-aid, I was eating bless his heart LOVE HIM!, he said "I am glad we didn't have to cut your leg off" She said

"me too it's my favorite leg" she then went on to say "because it has my lil black dot" aka mole!

Love it! We did go for the dental consultation yesterday. She needs lots of work done! We have since minimized her sugar intake but most of her cavities are between teeth so I have to be a better mom and floss her teeth. She has like 8 cavities but the visit went well. She loved it! She loved the dentist. He talked to her lots, told her what he was doing while doing it, shook her hand, gave her a prize. She loved the "nice" dentist!

I am thinking this is a good thing. NOT that the other dentist was bad at all. It could have just been b/c the appt was at 6pm as she was in ALOT of pain so they squeezed her in. They have been really good too us.  I just wanted someone who specialized with kids and did sedation if needed. However, AFTER talking to her and the dentist we have decided to just try to do the work with the gas only. Her last work was nothing but numbing and the shot and she did great that time only cried a little. The no drugs will save us $300, some major mula and I won't be freaking out the whole time she is under. That is just scary to put your 5 yr old under right?


DigandStacee said...

Poor little stinker! I hope that everything went good at the dds! Jo is such a cutie. Maybe when your insurance you can bring her up here!! Love ya Jo!

Brian and Tonya said...

Thanks for leaving your link. I sympathize with your Jo, I have bad teeth too. I always went to Dr. Brown growing up and never thought he was mean. Glad you guys found a good dentist :)

Jen said...

LOL! Pull out all your teeth so you can't eat!! That's hilariously classic!