Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fourth of July!!!

OK so Its past the 24th of July which is a BIG holiday in UTAH and I haven't even posted about the 4th of July. Here goes, pics to come later.

On Thursday morning mom called and said SURPRISE we are going to the cabin lot this weekend for the 4th of July!!! I knew all along we were gonna do something. WE just didn't know what, when, or with who. SO Friday morning we loaded up the swimsuits, camping clothes, jackets... oh and the kids and set out for Fairview Utah.

We had a good time just hanging out and enjoying Gods creations!!!

* Swimming in a pool that seemed like it was 30 below.!!! Ryker couldn't go because there were NO diapers allowed in the pools so Mom and Pa took care of him. It was fun!!!

* Singing on a rope swing that swung out over a little valley. Ryker LOVED it!!!

* Riding the 4-wheelers and exploring the mountain side was so fun!

* WE only had cellphone service at the bottom of the mountain so that was NICE!

* Playing dominoes, barbies, driving toy cars, and checking out the old Ephraim Walmart.

I will say that we went down to Mt. Pleasant to watch the fireworks. It was incredible!!! Thye BLEW Lehis out of the water! They were soooo good. I thought "man this city just blew their whole years budget on this one night."

We had a great time. Mom and Dad kept us well fed and entertained the whole time. It was soo fun to just get away!

The evening of our return I headed to Lehi to pick up Ryker since he insisted on riding home in Grandpas truck. There we saw family, played outside, rode bikes, ate some yummy food. It was just really a good weekend!!!


Hannah Anderson said...

whats up leslie?! Hannah Anderson here. Well on Saturday August 22 at 8 AM, there's a fundraiser for my cross country team at timpanogos high school. There's a 5k and a 1 mile kids race plus breakfast! so try to come and invite lots of people! it'll be fun!i miss you!


Jen said...

Are you going to Mt. Pleasant again for the @^#^&% fireworks? :D