Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Day at the Zoo... but first SAD day at the dentist!

To celebrate Brennon Tippets 3rd birthday we tagged along with them to the zoo but not before a awful morning at the dentist. Jo would NOT cooperate this time. She wouldn’t let the dentist touch her. She was awful and the reason, she didn’t like the taste of the numbing gel they put on a q-tip to put in your mouth!!!

He Dr. Pearson was really good with her last time. He helped her feel comfortable and gave her fives and several stickers and bracelet’s throughout the whole ordeal. He made her feel brave and special! This time he was frustrated, and told me not to let her go to the zoo, not to reward her poor behavior and that next appt they would have to sedate her. I left VERY sad, frustrated and worried. After much talk Jim and I decided that we would not sedate and if they insisted we wouldn’t go back. It was like $500 bucks to have her sedated. I don’t want to sedate my 6yr old if I don’t have to. I take very well to drugs and was worried about her doing the same... So on to the zoo

We had a great time at the zoo. It was great weather. Jen was able to get us in at a discount with her membership and we were grateful. Ryker really liked the zoo, but he didn’t like walking and wanted to be in a stroller the whole time. He also ran away a few times which caused panic. This life with Ryker he is always on the go and he NEVER slows down. The kids runs everywhere. We didn’t have a stroller as he has broke it so the Tippets shared theirs.

Jo and Kya loved the monkeys, tigers, bears… It’s a zoo. They had several animal babies there too and that was fun to see them. The baby elephant was still in bonding time with her momma so we only saw video and picturess.

The kids liked posing for pictures on several different statues. They loved riding on the carousel, AKA merry go round, the zoo train and playing with the water ball. It was a good day! The only thing JO was upset about was the fact that the Zoo did not have Lions or Polar Bears.

That night we had cake and ice cream and it was delish. WE love the Tippets and are soo glad we found them in our ward and made friends. It’s sad they have been in the ward for over 4 years now and just this year we go to know them.


Rich and Crys said...

Ooooh, dentists are the devil. ;) And for what it's worth, I HATE the taste of that nasty pink numbing stuff on the q-tip too. I actually remember a very traumatic dentist appointment when I was... maybe even younger than Jo. It's hard for kids. Blech.

Jen said...

We had so much fun having you along for the zoo! Thank you so much for coming! You got some cute pictures!