Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer is slipping away!

Hello All!

The other day Jo and Ryker got in the diaper and wipes boxes and played a while! I thought it was really cute. They played great until Jo stole Rykers box and then we had fits and tantrum, time out and tears, and then... 5 mins later there was laughter and love again! Ahh isn't life grat being a parent.  :)

The other night Jim and Jo played legos together. They made some castles and robots. It was really cute to see them play together and have some daddy daughter time.

This last Friday I went on a relief society retreat overnight with some ladies in the ward. We went to a cabin in Fruitland and really enjoyed ourselves. We crafted beaded bracelets, and book marks, ate lots a yummy food, got pampered with pedicures, foot rubs, eye masks, and facials and played some games. All the pampering stuff we made up there with food and it was soo fun. I am grateful to have good friends in the ward and I always seem to get to know more when I attend this awesome retreat.

SAt night we went to the Lewis Celebration Day in Salem. They blessed Brandon and they celebrated 3 birthdays Jolene, Kayden, and Derek.  It was a great BBQ and fun to get together with them. We used to do it monthly with dinner but life just go too busy. 

Jim and Arlund Lewis went to Lehi High school together and they have a group a friends that remained in contact and get together. It was fun! I felt a little out of place as always but it was still fun. Jim and I jammed out on ROCKBAND  he on the guitar and I on vocals.. NOW THAT was FUN!  The were many kids so Ryker and Jo were just in heaven and all and all it was a good time!


Bonnie said...

How fun! Your kids are so cute:)

Lyndi said...

I like the new look. Aiden would have enjoyed the legos. :)

JAMIE RBZ said...

Lego's are some of the BEST and worst toys ever invented! :) We have lots of Lego Star Wars at our house.

I'm so glad you had fun at the retreat. I would have loved to come. I had a blast the first year.

Annaca said...

Sounds like fun. Your kids are too cute, and that retreat sounds heavenly. I guess I can live vicariously through you!!

Lewis Family said...

You shouldn't feel out of place with us! My niece was so cute, she had never met you and was like she is really pretty! lol! The pictures of the boys are cute! Thanks again for the help! Let me know when you guys want to do date night!

Maran said...

Cute pictures! That lego castle looks pretty awesome!