Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Rooms, Callings and more!

~~~~Hello ALL!!!~~&~~Happy Back 2 School!!~~~~

UVU starts tomorrow so Jim, and of course my mom inlaw JoAnn, are crazy busy at work. WE both are not currently enrolled in school but since its a major goal and one of the reasons we quit cleaning, we are working on it.

Jo starts her first day of preschool today at 12:38, wierd time I know. She is soo excited for it but when asked about it she says "Yes, but I am NOT getting shots!"  We have warned her about her kindergarten shots and she thinks they are closer than they really are. I hope all goes well today at school for her, I know I am going to enjoy it! Her teachers name is Miss PJ (Patti JO) how cool is that?

WE have the annual Utah Helicopter Assoc. Fun Fly this weekend in Lehi Thursday-Sunday. Jim is in charge of some of it and so that is where we will be off and on. It is an exciting time, but also a stressful one. It takes a lot of work to get it all together but it all pays off in the end. This year B.A.C.A. is coming on Sat as they funfly is donated some of the proceeds to them. They are bringing a live band and a nice bike that they are doing a raffle for this year. I am excited I LOVE BIKES!

I start back to work in a week. I am really excited to get back to working with the youth of OJH. However,  we lost 58K in grant money last week and they have to pull the mentoring program out of all the middle schools. It kind of broke my heart because I have worked soooo hard getting mine going and I have really loved working with my youth this summer. What does this mean? Well instead of 30 hrs a week it will be 20. No more mandatory Family Night Outs or Mentor and Menteee Activities which means I am not going to be gone at night as much which is good. Which leads to time for church callings, family, and SCHOOL. But I am gonna miss those kids, I feel like I am abandoning them, however they WILL stay  in the program just will be under an Elementary school  site coordinator.

Speaking of youth, Jim got released from Sunday School President and is now the Deacons advisor and asst scout master in the Young Mens Program. He is excited but nervous at the same time. He has a  great group of boys in our ward but they are ACTIVE!

Oh a recap of Jims trip. IT WAS EXHAUSTING! When I picked him up at the airport he was tired and warn out. He said the whole experience was more work than fun by far but that is why he was paid to go right? He had a good time all in all.

Here are some of the highlights

*meeting the pros of the hobby
*seeing new helicopter gear that is being released this year
*meeting his magazine boss for the 1st time and getting along well
*watching all the flights especially night flying
*watching all the crashes, a few in mid-air
*seeing the BATMAN movie on an IMAX WOW! "Wanna see a magic trick?"
*hanging out with his friend Brent from here who says we bring RVs and our families next year

  I had fun at home with mom the kids and my sister. We painted the front room, Rykers room, tore down the old metal shed in the backyard, did some shopping, scrubbed some big rugs, and just enjoyed conversation and time together. It was a great time.

And last I been rearranging furniture, making Cort and Daniels invites and just enjoying my last few days of summer.

I will post pics soon promise.


Misty said...

Wow, you were busy. :)

Angela said...

Cant wait to see the changes! Love you guys:)

JAMIE RBZ said...

It sounds like life is super busy for you right now! It makes it easier to be "anxiously engaged" this way. :)