Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jo's First Day of School!!

Jo liked her first day of pre-school.  She loved recess and snack the best of course. She wanted to bring friends home with her. I am glad she liked it and adjusted well now on to day 2

She told me while going home that her teacher was like a boy. I was soo confused I said, "How, She has beautiful long hair?" She said "No mom her name is like a boy because it is PJ like BJ." Well what a smarty I thought. Then I told her that she shouldn't tell her sister she is a boy she said I won't mom I am only tell you. 

Now on to pics! JO was sooo excited that I couldn't get her to sit still to take a decent pic. These just show the energy she has hehe. She is holding a cutout doll of her it was her homework from parent teacher night. We had to make the doll look just like her, we did our best and she drew on the face! 

Her outfit, lets just say she picked it out. Jim said when he got home that she looked she was going to school in the old days heeh I still think she is cute though!


Melissa said...

so cute!!

Bonnie said...

Wow, your kids are growing up so fast:)

nate and marne said...

hey, we got in today! we are in lindon and provo. i need to go get a package from jamie, so we should all hang out. give me a call. 480-540-7984