Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting Old but better looking!!!

This past week it was my turn to have a birthday, 13x2 I tell my students. (that's 26 btw)
I have accomplished in my 26 years but man has just flown by too quickly. 
My weekend, I stayed home with kids while Jim went flying Sat and really enjoyed getting things done and playin with the kids. Jo has been sick so it wasn't soo fun for her but she is getting better now and Ryker has it.  :(

Sunday, with sick kids, Jim offered to stay home while I attended church alone. I hate to admit it was nice to actually feel the spirit and take in the testimonies born for once without handing out pretzels, taking walks, coloring.... BUT I do love my kids!

After church we went to Mama Innes' house. It was nice to see her as she has been in Phoenix with Crystal and Richie and the new baby D. Who is sooo cute!

MOM made delicious red sauce enchiladas for dinner. Usually I am not a huge fan of any kind of enchilada sauce red or green but these were TASTEY! She is such a good cook!
 After hanging out with the family and helping Ang create her new blog we ate the cake. Mom was very thoughtful and remembered I don't really prefer regular cakes, especially chocolate so she served an angel food cake with berries, cool whip and ice-cream.  One of my favorite light desserts! It was delicious!!! THANKS MOM INNES

Monday on my actual B-day I got to go to lunch with my own little family, @ MIMI's CAFE it was good. That night I got to endure a VERY HARD and time consuming chemistry test in Lehi.

Afterwards,  we had another little party at The Herberts house with PAPA JOHNS PIZZA my favorite  and again a delicious white cake and ice cream. It was a good time. Thanks for everyone who took part in it. Being with family is the best of times for me, making my birthday a great one! Now... if I could just pass that chemistry test.... hmm keep your fingers crossed!


maran said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm sorry that you had to take a test on your birthday but hopefully the awesome score that you will receive will be a great birthday present!

Annaca said...

Happy (late) Birthday, Les!! It sounds like it was a great time :) So what chemistry are you taking! I took 1110 and 1115 last semester, and I really loved it...Crazy I know. I'm in biology this semester and it's not as fun...too many concepts to remember and not enough math for me!! You don't have to tell me, I know I'm a nerd :) Anyway, best wishes! Congrats on your 26 years!!

Angela said...

Yeah, and we get to celebrate tonight again! I am excited to hang out with you!

Ali said...

Happy belated Birthday Les! Hope you had a good one! And yes of course I would love to come play cards with you guys anytime! I bet Mandee would too. That's was the good old times when everyone used to play.