Saturday, November 17, 2007

Update! and Dancin Kids!

Just a quick update!! We just got back from the beautiful San Antonio Texas on Friday! I will post pics soon! It was so fun! Jim and I got to do some touring, shopping and ALOT of walking! The kids got to stay with both grandparents and got spoiled rotten! I also did a lot of psychology homework while Jim went to his classes for work.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOME NEWS not nearly as exciting as Jake and Kerries though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OUR HOUSE!! Last Saturday Jim and a friend in the ward put in NEW WINDOWS in our 40+ yr old home and what a difference it as made. It was hard work they worked from 9am -10pm and the next day Jim was sore! I am so glad though. We have been wanting them since they day we closed. The ward friend, Jon Gledhill, works for Jones Paint and Glass here in Provo. we purchased them through Jones' and then paid him only $500 versus the company cost of $1300 for labor. It's so nice! The kids rooms aren't freezing when I go to check on them anymore. The heater is not on ALL Night Long and the outside noise is almost unheard. And my house looks good now to just paint the siding, put the new doors on and shutters!YEAH!!!

MORE** Friday afternoon we pulled up to our house and who is here Papa Spike! My dad was here with the kids working hard and giving me an early Christmas Present!! He and my mother built a whole new beautiful countertop, got rid of the old 60's white with gold speckled, and put in a dishwasher! YEAH!!!

Today Sat we have been working on just touching up the cupboards and re texturing the wall that had the old fermica on it! It's really coming along! We will post pics when its all done!

ME!!! I have just been working away getting the mentoring program started at my school however I am lacking mentors hopefully my one will recruit 9 friends. I love it though. Here comes the real fulfillment in my life, changing others hopefully. I also sang in relief society with some ladies a few weeks ago it went well. School is going well. I only missed 1? on my 3rd Medical Terminology class and I was excited because I had just realized I had the test 2 days before so I hadn't even read the terms. My other class is a whole other story.

JIM...This last Thursday... Jim discovered he has kidney stones and passed one last Thursday afternoon. It nearly floored him and since they say its almost worse than childbirth I sympathize. He has been quite a trooper though. So with this...we told Jo she couldn't crawl on him because he had rocks in his belly, so she told him " Daddy you are not suppose to eat wocks they're gwoss" pretty funny, we thought. And all the weekend she keeps asking him if he is ok, or if he feels better as she brings him little candies, gum, apples... to make him feel better. On the trip he felt great!

JO...Another funny things she said this week.... I was getting ready for the day and she was in her room, she asked for my help and I said in 1o mins. Soon 5 mins. passed and she walks by on her way downstairs and says " you took too long!" and just kept walking. What an impatient bunch of kids we have. She is getting smarter and working on her letters. She can recognize the SWTYJO... so thats a start!

RYKER! He hit his big 18 month birthday on the 9th. He is such a joy so funny to be around. He has started saying cheese and loving the camera. He loves to play with any blocks, and microphones and of course his cars. When he plays he jibber jabbers in that cute little high-pitch voice and it just makes me giggle.

Another funny thing he did this week while at grandpa and ma Herberts!
Mom had just put him to bed in this crib, and went to shower. When she got out she heard a loud thump and then pitter patter or little feet, the toy cupboard open, the basket of toys being pulled out of it and then she looked out of her room and there was Ryker. He has shook the very old crib so hard that the side fell. Got out (its a very short crib) and then went to play. When my mom walked out he started running in circles and grinning from ear to ear. He was so proud of himself!! Little Stinker!

LAST... We were exploring other people and family members blogs before we left on our trip and we came across Cousin Nicky's band myspace page: "So Called Tragedy". Here is a clip of the kids just dancing to their music from the webpage! ENJOY!!! we did!


nate and marne said...

it sounds like you guys had fun. i'm sorry about jim's kidney stones, that sounds miserable. jo's comment was pretty funny though. yeah, don't you know you aren't supposed to eat rocks? :) i'm so glad your kitchen is being improved. i bet you are so excited!!

Annaca said...

That's so fun to hear about your house, and not so fun about Jim's stones. Well, if you ever relocate to St. George I know a really good urologist :) Anyway, I tagged you FYI. If you've already done it don't worry about it, and if you don't want to do it don't worry about it either!! Have a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute. I know they keep you busy!
It is definitely a feeling of accomplishment and even a little pride when a project in your house gets finished. I actually enjoy working on my house. I've never seen your home, maybe you can blog it for me.
As far as the kidney stones go, they are absolutely miserable. Ended up last year getting lithotripsy for a 9mm. stone which broke it into many smaller stones which also got stuck. Then I had to have cystoscopy to go up and retrieve them. As horrible as it was, I'm sorry, but it still doesn't compare to natural childbirth. Been there, done them both. Hope they don't come back on you.