Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hey All

First of All!!! We hope you all had a very nice and relaxing Thanksgiving! We are grateful for you all and miss all of you we haven't seen in a while!

It's pretty cold here and I hate it. If it's gonna be cold there better be snow. I am seriously considering being a Sunbird when I am older! HEHE

So some of the radio stations have been playing Christmas music since Oct right, and the stores have the stuff out way early now right. Why? Money? However, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because its all about family, and blessings not present or some imaginary gift giving person or animal. We don't have to break that bank if everyone does there part, we get to just eat a ton of food, gain 10 lbs and not fill guilty and reflect on what we have, not what we don't. I am so grateful for this day and I wish it wouldn't get skipped in the worlds view you know. I like Christmas and all but man the earlier you start it I feel the sooner you want it to get here and get over with right!
OK so... that said....

We have soo much to be thankful for. As I sit and ponder I just can't get the little homeless boy we gave food to in San Antonio out of my head. I am so grateful to have a warm home to come home to with food in the cupboards (even if it's just soup sometimes) and fridge. I am grateful for my awesome husband who works his tail off to provide for us the lifestyle we both want. I am grateful for my little kids even though they drive me up the wall sometimes. I am also grateful for my new job and the fulfillment it has brought to my life. I am very grateful for medical insurance. And last I am ever so grateful for both my extended families who are always willing to help us out in many different ways and love us unconditionally.

So on to the BIG DAY!!! We had dinner at the Herberts this year with about 25 people, lots of kids, very loud, but it was good food. My favorite is the yummy carrot pudding my mommy makes for one of the 12 desserts and I love candied yams. I did homework I know boring but that is what I get for procrastinating my psych online course, while the family played cards, the Wii and watch the ballgames. It was a great time. In the evening we went to Mama Innes' house and just hung out it was nice to just relax.

Since this lovely holiday we have accomplished much at home. My parents have been here several times to put the finishing touches on our kitchen, I got some homework done, we finished the kitchen, we put up our Christmas, did some shopping (yes I am one of those crazies that likes to go out the day after Thanksgiving!) and managed to make it to Sacrament ALMOST on time this morn. No really I know you are all laughing but this is a big thing for us. We have early church, only 6 more weeks or so WAHOO!!, and the kids and I hate to get up the morning. WE are NOT mornin people so JIM will tell you it takes much to get me up.
And then we just sit in the foyer because Ryker is soo loud in and our overflow echos.. so anyway, we almost did it today, however, we had to leave early because Ryker smacked his head on the rock wall in our foyer and it needed medical attn. Just a small puncture wound is all and we took some advice from a nurse and superglued it together. It wasn't fun, he cried but it worked.
I know you also are all thinking what silly people, super glue, but really that is what they use in the war fields and it absorb into the skin. I didn't want the poor little guy to have to go through the trama and pain for 1 single stitch at the ER. And thankfully my mom, a nurse agreed as she looked at it tonight!
So yeah that has been our weekend. I will post pics of my beautiful kitchen when I get my new curtains done. I hope you are all doing so well.

PS.. so Jo thought since we set up our tree that it was Christmas last night. WE just could not get her to understand it was far away even with the calendar so I was bracing for major upset this morning. But since she loves church soo much, nursery really, she didn't even think about it not being Christmas this morn thank goodness.
Christmas coutdown...29 days!


Annaca said...

I'm glad the super glue worked, and I don't think you're crazy! As for the tag, you can do 5 or 7 or 10 or however many things you want, I guess...I don't make the rules, so whatever. But don't feel obligated to do it if you don't want to.
We got to experience your lovely weather this weekend (we came up for the big BYU/Utah game). It was lots of fun and very crisp outside!
Oh and thanks for bring up the 6am swimming class. I almost forgot what a humiliating day that was. But really, I still totally appreciate you coming to my rescue, in the dark :) Haha, Good times.

mommysgirls said...

Wow! You live a crazy life! Isn't it better that way??? I HATE the cold. Do you wanna move to Hawaii with me? Seriously, why do we live in Utah? Remember when we lived in Cedar City and it was even colder? Remember when it snowed so hard that I couldn't drive my stupid wheel-rear drive camaro over the over pass? I'm pretty sure you or your roommate Natalie had to come a rescue me. Thanks :)

Scott and Maran said...

I feel ya with the whole sleeping in thing. I have a very hard time getting Hannah and myself on time to church every Sunday. I'm glad to hear that you guys had a great Thanksgiving. We should have stopped by Aunt Jo's after we went to Hollie's house but we went shopping and then needed to get Hannah ready for bed. I hope to see you guys soon!