Monday, November 26, 2007

Some pics for San Antonio Texas

This is a little town called La Villita. It was just a hop skip and a jump from our hotel. It is the older part of the town, just down the river from the hotel full of artistic shops and stuff. This amphitheatre is still used and the 5 bells represent the 5 missions in Texas. I bought some cute skirts and a hand made pottery plug in nightlight for the kids here!

Then a pic of me at the best and cheapest place we ate at, The Mexican Manha
ttan. A ton of Jim's helicopter bud
dies from all over the nation told us to go the
re. True
 authentic Mexican food in very
 large portions. I also left this hat there but was lucky to get it back that evening. 

Then while on the Riverboat Ride at night we drove passed one of the bigget malls ever
 right on the river front. This river is 
more like a canal but man its a neat tourist attraction and the food is good and not too pricey. How would it be to take a riverboat taxi to work everyday?

Next is the famous Alamo. It was a very n
eat place. What an incredible story
 it has to tell. We were there when unfortunately a huge school group came with young kids and it was a little
 crowded and loud.

 So later that evening we went back and were fortunate to see it lit up in blue lights for the Worldwide Diabetes Awareness day. I guess lots of famous landmarks were lit up in blue, The Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building, Leaning Tower of Pisa and some more. I mean how many people can say they saw the Alamo in Blue.

Like I said in my earlier posts. It was a nice get away the people were kind and I really could have stayed another week and been entertained.


Natalie Kay said...

I've never been to Texas but it's a place I've always wanted to visit- especially now after seeing your pictures and reading your blog.

JethRobyn said...

Sounds like fun! Jethro's sister and her husband are living in San Antonio (med school). We are probably going out next fall, it looks so beautiful, I'm really excited! I'm glad you guys had a good time!

Jennifer said...

ooooh... I'm going to put that on my 'to visit' list. It sounds like you had a fun time and I am now craving Mexican food.

Yelyah's Corner said...

Leslie...That looks like a gorgeous place. You look great!

Hollie said...

Wow! That looks amazing. What a fun and romantic get away!