Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Super Ultra Mega October Many Pics Update Show!!! (use your best japanimation voice for the title)

Hi all, Jim here. We haven't updated this thing in over two months. Here is a large picture update covering September and October. Nothing really new here, just working and enjoying life with our kids. Here are the pics, starting with my amateur photography attempts then followed by Angela's professional shots of our kids and one with their cousin Ana.

Heres Angela's Pics - Drop me an email if you want her to take some pics for you!!


JethRobyn said...

Ang does such an amazing job. I absolutely adore the photos she did for us. I think she is doing both my family and Jethro's family pics now this Christmas. LUCKY HER!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim-Your pics look great! We should go on a photo shoot sometime and I can show you all sorts of tricks! p.s. Your kids are freakin cute! love, Aunt Ang

mommysgirls said...

Oh my.....Little Jo is Leslie Jr!!!!! Too Cute!!! Good to see you're online again.



JoAnn Innes said...

Those are the cutest kids on the Internet. Love you guys.
Grandma Innes

Hollie said...

Awesome pictures. Angela does such a great job. You have adorable kids.

Jo said...

myyy babies are so cute
i just wanna squeeze themmmm
jo sleep over soon k??
i love you guys