Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hey all
So Jo said something cute this morning, but first I must preface...
We are having an awful hard time getting Jo to sleep with covers on let alone sleep at all, so last night it was another adventure. I told her she had to go to sleep, close her eyes, and put her covers on because it was going to get cold like Winter when we have snow.
So this morning at 3, 5, 7, and 9 (yes all of them) she kept waking up and saying mom, dad wake up its daytime.... so yeah great then at 9 I hear...
"Mom I am ready to go throw snowballs" isn't that funny. I thought so too
However I hate snow, she loves it and I am glad because afterall it is only Oct and its snowing already up here. It's gonna be a LONG winter I think!

(posted by Leslie on October 23rd but it was spammed to death so I had to repost it for her and enable comment moderating. Gotta love spammers)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your blog updated. The kids are adorable. You guys are so super busy I can't believe it. Sounds like you have had alot of fun this summer and past few months. Jim, your helicopters are beautiful. Maybe sometime when we are up there my grandsons and I could take a peek at them? Anyway, good luck in school. Leslie, Medical Terminology was my favorite subject (other than Bio and Physiology). I got the highest score in the class. You guys are certainly ambitious! Love ya Aunt Donna

mommysgirls said...

I have a great way to keep AnnaBelle in bed and since her and Jo are so much a like, it might work. We put a quarter (could be a penny but AnnaBelle likes the silver ones) on her dresser so she can see it. If/when she gets out of bed, she looses her quarter. If she stays in bed all night, she puts it in her piggy bank to save or she can spend it at Pioneer Party when we take a trip there. It works really well. You could also do candy or something that they love. For some reason, AnnaBelle likes money. After about a month, she started to forget about the money and now just sleeps in her bed out of habit. It's been great. Just an idea ")


Hollie said...

I with you Leslie. I can't stand the snow. And you even grew up in Utah, right? It always seems the native Utahns LOVE the snow. I never have been able to get used to it (although I don't mind it for Christmas--but it can leave after that).