Monday, October 29, 2007


Hey All!
Here are some pics from the district wide celebration I was part in charge of. Angela n Ross were nice enough to come and help out and play with the kids.

Also I just really liked this cartoon. I don't care if you don't agree with it I just thought it was funny.

And this hair do of Jo's was a little mistake but she loved it soo much and so did everyone else!!!!

So this past week and even weekend was a busy one. I had 2 scrapbook things a

t my house Thurs and Fri night that went late late. This left Jim with kids till late too. On Friday we decided to invite the Humes girls over to play help us out and play with the kids. We had a good time. They helped me with the kids, Jo adores them, and they helped me with the scrapbook clean up on Fri. On Sat while Jim was flying for once and I was at the primary program practice they were my sitters ages, 12 and 9.

I was soo excited to come home to kids that were dressed with hair done and all, the house picked up and just happy kids. Which started off the day well. I got to thinking about how those types of babysitters that actu

ally play with the kids instead of watching tv, and those that pick up the house are hard to come by now a days. Which is why I think that the pay for a babysitter at 2.50 and hour is too high. When I sitted for people I cleaned the house and I had a babysitting kit. Anyway... I am so thankful for my Humes Girls and hope to teach Jo to be a good sitter like them.

As the day went on Jim was flying for the first time in like 2 months and so we all decided to rake the leaves and jump in them of course, and swing. It was a good time.

When Jim got home w

e went to Lehi to my mom and dad and Jim and my dad went to the Innes to get their old couches and some book shelves and brought them here. Mom was soo gracious to give us h

er old couches from her sitting room. They are blue so I was having a hard time wanting them in my red, black and tan front room but... they are sooo comfortable I don't why I hesitated. PLUS!!! It gives me an excuse to re-decorate the word Jim hates to hear hehehe THANK

S MOM and DAD Innes!

We left Jo and G & G Herberts for the night because Sunday morn is not only hard for us to get to church (we are ALL night owls) but it was the Primary Prog and she wanted to stay with the Humes girls again. The Primary Program went really really well. All my sweet kids did great, evening the soloist, duos, trios, and groups! Jim only had Ryker to take care of and he was a challenge. Jim said every time he saw me stand to lead he wanted me OOH so cute! but not so fun. Needless to say sacrament time is a hard time for us and we spend ALOT of time in the foyer. I was soo shot when we got home that Ryker and I took a long nap while Jim worked on his heli that had a unfortunate crash sat. :(

For Sunday dinner it was the Innes side Sunday, and man it was nice. It was just us, and mom and dad. What a small group to discuss our week and life with. However, I missed the big family dinner we usually have but everyone is off and about living life and that is ok. I just really want a bigger family someday too. That is SOMEDAY not TODAY!!

Because I haven't got to bed past 2 ok at all this passed week it was good time to sit and relax. Jo was taking a nap at the Herberts so when she arrived at the Innes' she was excited to put together 2, 100 piece puzzles with grandma JO. Ryker played with the toys and Jim and I cut coupons while watching some TV. What an eventful night eh? It really was nice to sit and relax I don't say that often as I like to be busy but I have had a lot on my plate lately and so it was nice.

Now back to the grind, another week but what a fun one ahead its Halloween and we will post pics of the adventures ahead!!! Take Care!!!

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nate and marne said...

it is so fun to see you guys. those kids are so cute. rebekah misses jo. she doesn't remember her name, just "that girl who plays with me". it's kinda funny. you guys sound nice and busy, good luck with everything!!