Friday, August 3, 2007



August 3rd 2007

Today is August 3rd and we went to Chuck E Cheese because it was too humid to do the zoo. We stayed for about 2.5 hours!

It was fun but I agree with Donna girls their food is pricey!!! JO loved the clock ride that takes you up in the air. Ryker wanted to be in this little teeny British car the WHOLE time and it didn't even work.

WE found it interesting that there were moms and grandmas that would hog the games that you could win multiple tickets from and had piles and piles of them on the ground while kids were waiting near by. Jim said, 'I feel like I am in a casino in Wendover!" heheh

There was something that was worth our money there. It's a cool picture booth that turns your pic into a pencil sketched pic.

We had a good time but the funniest, most memorable moment happened while we were driving home. We got about 200 meters from home and turned the corner. We heard something hit the car. Jim stopped the car around the corner and went back looking on foot. I started taking inventory, kids, diaper bag, drinks, purse, camera...then it dawned on me... our leftover pizza. ... well the picture explains it all. I just feel bad about the people driving behind.. watch out for FLYIN PIZZA!!!


Annaca said...

Cutest family!! Sadie is dying to go to chuck e cheese, I guess we'll have to make a stop up north soon! Love the hair job also, we too have had our share of home hair cut mishaps...Hey, you get what you paid for ;)

Maran said...

You have an adorable family! Chuck E. Cheese is a great place for kids to run loose. My favorite part when we went was also the pencil sketch picture. I'm sorry that you lost your over priced pizza. That stinks!