Tuesday, July 3, 2007

WATER WATER AND MORE WATER.. and some occasional card playin


We just returned from a quick weekend trip to Lava Hot Springs Idaho. It is usually an annual trip of fun for the Herbert Family. We drove up in the 1977 Fleetwood Tioga Motorhome gettting 9 miles a gallon in the smoltering 100 degree heat with no AC. I drove up and Jim drove home. On the way there we hit Farmington, known for the famous Lagoon Park, traffic and the North Ogden road construction. It was stop and go for along time and we almost overheated. It totally sucked, it was soo hot. Sweat was literally running down the back and I hate to sweat.

Jo rode with Mama and Papa Herbert because of the lack of efficient and safe seat belts for the carseats. She had a great time watching movies, talkin there ears off, eating junk food, and being with her mama and papa of course.

Ryker rode in the front seat with me. He loved seeing everything outside. He slept some of the way and chattered the rest. He is just too cute! It felt like a really long 3-4 hour trip, but we made it. I even got the old hummer up to 85 mph on the downhills.

We camped in our usual spot with showers, a park, and hookups! I have stayed here several times with friends and family. It brought back memories, of goodtimes, dressing boys up in drag, tubing the very low river... It's a good time! We played cards, hung out with family and really just had an awesome time. We wish we could have stayed longer but the cleaning job held us back!! Woe me Woe Me!!!

Anyone who wants a quick getaway especially here in Utah, this is a place to go; they have great bed and breakfasts, nice shops, and even in the winter the hot pots can really make a romantic evening.

Lava is well known for its Natural Mineral Hot Springs, An Olympic Size Swimming Pool with 10 Meter Platform, and the Portenuf River. We did all! We had a good time with our kids. Jo and Ryker loved the swimming pool but it was soo crowded. Jim and I tubed the river some. Jim dumped it pretty bad on the river so he is suffering from an ear infection now, so sad; but nurse Joy came to our rescue like she always does.
Ryker just had a great time walkign around the campsite pickin up rocks! He just loves to be outside rain or shine. Jo on the otherhand would rather be in reading books or worshiping the rectangle god AKA TV.

**There was the funny incident at the pool though. And those of you who know me in highschool will totally relate. There was this kid in the pool going around splashing or should I say DRENCHING anyone he wanted. He attacked random people, a group of boys, a grandma with her little grandgirl, a couple with a new baby....Anyway first it was te boys, they kept telling him to stop, asking him where his mom, to leave them alone. Well he didn't so I jumped in said stop it and leave them alone. He left. About mins later her came back and started again but with me and the kids. I told him to stop I had a baby, he kept at it so I went up to him pushed him away and dunked him by the head. He left.. Some ladies saw me do it and were just astounded, shocked, looked at me in misbelief. I defended my actions. Well apparantly it didn't hurt him he cam back and started splashin a family with a VERY NEW baby so I finally told the lifeguard on him and they made him get out! WAHOO!! SO that was me being defensive Leslie once again!

I had a great time just being away from home and with my family. I have a such a great tight-knit family. We are all so close, I never want to leave them. So it was us, my sis Cortney, my niece Daysha and her friend Cortney, that caused some confusion hehe! My parents, the Humes Family, the Wise Family and the Woodburys. Jo had lots of friends t help us out The Humes Girls all 4 of them, Sierra Woodbury and of course her cousin Daysha.

We had awesome meals, give it up for Mama Joy she always makes the best food, even when campin!!! We rafted the River in one man tubes, it was running super swift. I think the fastest I have ever rode it in my 25 years. It was so swift that we wouldn't dare take the kids on it even on the slow parts but we still had a good time !!

Ryker didn't sleep so well, we aren't sure if it was the trains or busy freeway not more 200 yards away or other health issues. JO slept like a log!

We had awesome baby sitters, so Jim and I could have a vacation too. We went to the Hot Pools with all the other adults while Angie, Sierras mom stayed back with the kids. Since she is pregnant and the pools range from 108-113 degrees she offered to watch the kids while we went. It was nice!

It was hard to leave the land of Lava. We had a nice time but we came home, cleaned the motorhome and then headed to Mama Innes'. There we left the kids to play with Aunt Crystal, Amy, Angela, and Jene and Uncle Richie, and Ross and the old folks of course while we went to clean the dr office. They are always so awesome about watchiing the kids!

Now on to the 4th of July. We are soo excited to have family in town and get to play. Jims got plans with the boys to see transformers and I have plans with my sis and some friends to go see Ratatoullie with Jo. Then afterwards we will go to the Innes for a BBQ and fun. And...of course we have to end the night off with fireworks from my parents roof. Its gonna be one awesome fun week!

Wow this post was all over the place and way long SORRY!!


JethRobyn said...

That does sound like you had a fun trip...i still have the images of the pictures of the boys in drag...*shudder* Man Josh was pretty :).

Lewis Family said...

Sounds like alot of fun, except the no ac part, hehe! Can't wait to see pictures!