Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our Past Week

Hi All

We hope you are all doing well!! We have had a pretty busy week. Jim is swamped with his RC-Heli magazine article stuff along with the other 2 jobs he has. I did my triannual Close to My Heart Scrapbooking Open House this week and it went well. Now that it is over we have a good weekend to look forward too except Jim will still be working one way or the other.

About our last week which is way more entertaining than this week. On Friday we took the kids to their first OREM SUMMERFEST Carnival. JO loved it! We now know we can take her to Lagoon because she is soo tall. We allowed her 8 tickets for the rides and some took 2 but she was pretty good about choosing her favorites. She loved to ride these spinning Strawberries where you twist them and the boats where you ding the bell. She was so sweet and shared her last 2 tickets to her dad so they could ride the circle ride "ferris wheel" She couldn't ride it without him but we will not tell her that. It was along line and long waite but she liked it. Jim discovered he is still afraid of heights as is JO. They had fun while they were spinning but the waiting to be unloaded was a little overwhelming. She didn't like the cart tipping forward. I hav cell phone photos but have to wait for Jim to get them off his phone at work.

We then walked the booths and did some free stuff. When it was time to go home Jo of course had to be herself and throw a fit. Kicking and screaming and wouldn't put her shoes back on after she went in a blow-up onstacle course. My parents laugh when I told them this story and say "what goes around comes around." I made her walk all the way home without shoes, needless to say her socks are now black so I dunno if it was a good thing.

As we walked home we passed several blankets, tarps and chairs saving spots for the parade. When talking to someone in the ward from Michigan he was saying only in Utah would you be able to put stuff out overnight and it be there in the morn. Then we joked about how funny it would be to pick it all up in the night and take it to a garage just for a joke.

So Saturday we all traveled south to the Nebo Airshow thast NEPHI. It was a nice petite airshow with cool stunt plane shows. Ryker hated the biplane, as it was too loud but Jo loved all the planes. Jims boss Steve at UVSC had a booth there that sold everything from keychains and hats, to puzzles and toys, to seaplane adventure packages. Jo got two new foam puzzles of helicpoters and planes of course. She loved them. It was a nice little day out.

When we arrived home Ryker and I napped and Jo and Jim played with her new puzzle and foam helicopter kit. We went to the Orem Parade and remembered why we don't go to it. ITS so lame. I so appreciate Round Up Days in Lehi the ward floats, the horse parade, the rodeo It all ROCKS!

After this we had a surprise visit from my parents. They come to say hi and we loved that usually they make an excuse eheh but we know they just wanna come see the kids.
We had to go to Reams to get groceries for Sunday and it was late. So.... Ryker was screaming hungry, tired and I had alot to do it was fun! :( After opening a loaf of bread, a box of fishies, and then giving my kids each a banana after paying $150 OUCH!, we walked out at 11:00 to one grumpy Ryker and a very tired Jo. Yeah what an experience!! I can't wait for those of you who don't have kids yet get to try and I mean TRY and shop with kids. hehehe~ Then we hadn't eaten dinner so we went to taco time and there were soo slow, I imagine it was because it was closing time but we weren't the only ones there and then the food tasted wierd. Jim says we got the bottom of the barrel.
Jim and I both enjoyed our last Sunday as sunbeam teachers WAHOO. We will miss them and their funny stories. We had a good time and gave them all foam gliders that we got at the airshow.
Sunday evening we had our monthly friend get together. I did a large Italian Sub and a Club on 2 loaves of french bread. I also made a relish tray and then the friends supplied the rest. We,
Jims highschool friends and families and us, had dinner outside and played the NIN Wii and that was our week.

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JethRobyn said...

I agree about the Orem parade being lame. Jethro has never been to a Lehi Parade, we are going to go this year. We went to the parade Saturday as well. I tried to tell him why that parade was dumb, it was all adds for businesses! Where were all the cute half tired kids carrying banners and riding on the floats?? But I have to say, Strawberry Day's rodeo is a lot cooler to watch...don't tell anyone from Lehi I said that :)