Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Church Callings! :)

Monday afternoon I was a bit alarmed by a phone call from the Bishopric in our ward. Jim and I have been serving as the Sunbeam teachers in the ward since the first of January. It hasn't been easy with Ryker being very active, walking, squeeling and it being nap time; but it has been fun. Our sweet sunbeams want to either crawl around with Ryker, or don't want him even to touch their chairs let alone them.
We were scared we would get called to a really time consuming calling. We both have alot on our plates already. Well the evening arrived, he came, he asked, we accepted, and he left. I know you are all like "get on with it already!" ok I will.
Jim will be the 2nd counselor in the Sunday School which makes things easy and nice because he can take little Ryker with him to class and such. And if he gets to ring the bells Ryker will be delighted.
I got my all time ideal calling! I will be the new Primary Chorister! I am SO excited I love to sing, as you all know I am sure, teach singing, and the primary songs are not to difficult and so impressionable. I can't wait to get started all though I will miss the easy sunbeam lessons.


Kerrie said...

Primary choristor sounds like a fun calling. However, I will most likely never be called to that since I have no musical talent.

It's always scary yet exciting when you get at telephone call to meet with someone for a new calling. I bet you guys will do great at your new callings.

Hollie said...

Those callings sound perfect for you two. Jarin is our primary chorister and says it is the best calling he has ever had.

Anonymous said...

I used to be Primary chorister and I loved that calling. I was always singing Primary songs around the house and my kids knew all the songs. It also left a sweet spirit in the home. But just know that it takes time to prepare and some pressure to get those songs taught before the Primary program in Sept or Oct. But when they sing it is so joyful. You'll do great. Aunt Donna