Thursday, July 12, 2007


Happy Fourth Of July!!!

Sorry I am so behind on bloggin lately, it just seems summer is just slippin away. We have had a great past two weeks spending time with family and friends. To reminisce a bit.

We had a fun fourth of July when it finally got here. It was so wierd to have it on a wed wasn't it. It just cut the whole week in half. Usually the herbert family goes campin and such down to the cabin lot in Fairview but with thr fourth being in the middle of the week and Herbie being on call we vetoed that.
On the Fourth we didn't even get up to go to the Provo Parade, it's so not worth it. We tried once and Jo was little and it was soo lame. All the big city parades contain anymore are advertisements, marching bands, cheerleaders, and an occasional beauty queen float and some the sirens of course which RYKER detests!

So... as the day went on we headed to Lehi Jim wentto his parents house and I to mine. Jo and Ryker enjoyed some TV time, worshipping the rectangle god we call it while waiting for the movie.

Jim got to go to the "best movie ever" Transformers with dad Innnes, and brother and brother in law Richie and Ross. They loved it. JO and I went to Ratatoullie with my sister Cortney and the Woodbury Family. It was a ton of fun. Jo loved being with her friend Sierra. They sat in princess seatsAKA boosters for almost the whole movie. Jo was always commenting inthe movie. " Mom that is a silwee mouse he is punning away"... in her loud but tender voice. OPr " mom he broke his bysticle, now he has to pix i... Gotta love kids they just speak their mind. Everyone in the theatere would just laugh at her. We loved the movie I totally reccomend it. It was SOOOO Much better than CARS!
After the movie...
That evening we had a BBQ at the Innes, it was fun to get together with most of Aunt Donnas kids and eat, hang out and veg. After eating and playing a little ball the big boys played the Wii and Guitar Hero. It was funny to see them compete against each other.

We are glad Aunt Amy got to join us after a hards days work at Subway.
Little Ella Christensen is just a doll this is her I am soo cute pose!

Aunt Angela was just admiring all those tough althletic men playing street football.. HEHE

Jen made sure I only took pics of her from about waist up and standing up. I think she looks stunning here how about you?

Aunt Crystal and some friends of Riches Travis and his wife sorry I can't remember her name enjoyed some bonding time while the boys played ball. Travis and Rich have been friends along time but are about to movie across the country.

Little Sienna Stevens was getting her nintendo fix just like her big brothers and cousins.

Jim was hangin inside with Ryker and setting up the Wii. CUTE SMILE BABE!

It was really fun to have a big party on the fourth. We missed all the family out of state and Aunt Jene as she is baskin in the sun some where south and westish. POor Baby!

In time for the city fireworks, our little family, headed up to mom and dad Herberts to watch them from the roof. It was so fun! We watched and talked and critiqued. We all agree we liked them beter when they were at Vets PArk and we all agreed that Lehi is gettin cheap with their works. AFter conversing we came to a conclusion that we must go somewhere cool for them next year as it's not only the countryes bday but also sister Corts.

L-R Nakell Humes, Sierra,Tony, and Angie Woodbury, Stacie and Alyssha Humes Ashley McDonald

L-R Dad Herbie, Jo, Jim Cuz Wyatt, Jared Herbert, Aunt Shelli Humes and Jake McDonald

Me, my sis Cort and Ryker!

It was good to have her with us, the family on her 29th bday. After the city fireworks, we did our own in the front yard. The kids had a ball. Ryker hates the noisy ones so he and I stayed inside and played. Then we all sang happy birthday to Cort and had cake. It was an enjoyable evening!

Ryker loves to spin on this chair.

The next day Jim wasn't all better from the ears but we ended up pulling up the carpet in our hobby room due to a minor flood weeks ago. We added some shelves and now it is the cleanest more organized room in the house. I can actually scrapbook in there with friend if I wanted. WAHOO!!! ANnytakers?

On Friday whiel Ryker and I were napping Jim and Jo made a circle ride AKA ferris wheel out of kinex that Jim had just purchased. They had a blast!

The weekend was full of lots of running around here and there, flying the heli in 100 degree heat, eating lots of junk at mom Herberts while playing some cards and just being with the family.
**Keynote** we did take time to watch "Bridge to Terabithia" with JO! She loved it and couldn't wait for the castle to show up. I loved it too it wasn't depressing like the book at all!


JethRobyn said...

Looks like you guys had fun! We didn't make it to the parade either...way to hot! I can't believe Ang cut off all of her hair! I have not seen her...well since umm...maybe my wedding? Crazy!

Hollie said...

That was a nice and relaxing night for us. We really enjoyed hanging out with you guys and the whole gang. What a cute family you all are!

Jennifer said...

It was fun to see you- you're kids are adorable. I love how it looks like it is taking all of my strength to pick up Ella... probably because it is. How fun to watch the fireworks on the roof!

Kerrie said...

Looks like you guys had a very busy and fun 4th of July. Wish we could have been there. Your kids are darling! I can't believe how much they've grown since the last time I saw them.