Thursday, July 12, 2007

lava pics

As promised I will post some lava pics. All the pics of me are frumpy so sorry. I don't have pics of the tubing on the river though but I will get them on here soon.

The motor home temperature as we were driving up! Jim had to record this by taking a pic for us all to remember not to travel mid day in 110 without AC again!

Look at the belly on that boy! He is soo funny!

The only good pic of JO shows adark spot on her face. She had a mean run in with her dresser drawer and it bruised really good. Like Rykers I am flyin pose in the background?

Ryker kept goin around stealing random peoples stuff and bringing it back to our site. Silly Boy!

The pics of my mom and a little dark haired girl named Sierra are soo funny. As you can see the swimming pool in fenced in. My mom and dad were just sitting outside the fence just to hang out as they had just tubed the river. Well this little girl Sierra was like.. mama Joy you need to come in. She asked if there was something herbie, my dad, had to cute the fence then she started digging a hole with a pop can. It was too funny!!

This is the tower that has a 10 meter diving platform and some slides. I didn't attemp the tower this trip. When you have kids you get to be more of a whimp! I think..

The last pic is so sad. It's some people who camped next to us. I thought it was soo sad that they were soo addicted to smoking that they even lit up as they had the oxygen tank going.

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Aunt Donna said...

Those are adorable pictures from your trip. I can't believe you guys drove in 110 degrees. Ugh. I am glad you weren't too close to those people smoking with the O2 right next to them. They won't be around long because they will probably kill themselves with an explosion. Hopefully, they don't take anyone else with them! Ryker is getting so big! He reminds me of Dominic (David's son). Too cute.