Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunny St George FAll 2008

Last weekfor Fall Break I took off the whole week of work and went to St. George with Lyndi. We brought along the kids and I have never made sooooo many stops on the the way in my life and I went to college in Cedar City for 2 years and go to Mesquite often with ma and pa!

Anyway.. after finally arriving at Annacas (college roommate and friend for life,) mom house we settled in. It was a good vacation! I actually came home not needing a vacation from my vacation!! That's a First! 

At times I was very, ok REALLY, annoyed with my kids as they were both being soo whiney, partly b/c being out of their element and the competition between kids. 

RYKER decided it was time to climb out of his porta-crib so I didn't have a way of making him nap, and bedtime was rather late with me in the theatre room so he was always tired.

 We had some great times, flashing back to the old days, playing in the water, movies, food LOTS of food, park outings and more! It was soo fun to catch up and have fun! THANKS  Annaca, Sadie, Bizzy, and Travis for letting us come and crash your break. Travis must think we are soo crazy! Thanks for all the food and the place to stay.
Thanks Aubs, Addy and Hope for taking time to play too, it was great seeing you!!!
Thanks Cope Family for letting us stay in your home. It was soo comfortable, cozy, convenient to be all under one roof and brought back good memories!! 
Thanks Lyndi, Aiden, and Liam for making the trip with us! It was so fun!

On Sunday we hated to leave but had to head home. :( After taking the "posture pics" and little Sadie modeling for us we set out. :) It was a better ride because the kids slept all at the same time from cedar to about fillmore YEAH!!!, 

At home Jim had been working. He put up shelfs in my scrapbook room, bought some cupboards, cleaned the house and much more. He is too good to me and I love him! He knows things the little surprise "honey dos" just make my day and it was good to see him.

We did find that when we arrived home Ryker was still whiney. So I checked his ears and one is still leaking fluid and blood. His tubes are coming out but very VERY slowly no worries I already seen the doc. Sooo I feel bad... I didn't think of that and the elevation change down there. So maybe that is also why he was soo whiney down there. Sorry buddy I love you!

Well here are some pics of the trip not that great though there was something was wrong with the settings on my camera.


Bonnie said...

Sounds like you all had a great time:) Sorry to hear about Ryker, I hope he gets feeling better soon.

brooke allred said...

sounds like fun...we need to all go down together some time! I guess I will see you tomorrow!

Marisa Jean said...

We need to have a college-roomies get together. Even if you felt annoying, I'm certain you were the only person who thought that. It's just the way it goes.

maran said...

I'll bet St George is beautiful during this time of year. Poor Ryker. Hopefully he's all better.